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10 Benefits of Drinking Water (with Healthy Recipes)

Updated in 06-22-2023

Water can help to detox the body, as it is promotes natural filtration and elimination of accumulated fluid through the urine. Water can also help to prevent constipation and keep the skin hydrated. Learn about all the health benefits drinking water can provide and try our healthy water recipes.

Immune System Boosters: Foods, Natural Remedies & Recipes

Updated in 06-20-2023

Foods like strawberries, sweet potato and salmon are excellent sources of nutrients that boost immunity and help to protect us against various types of infections and illnesses. Check out other immune system boosters that you can use to protect you from illnesses, like home remedies and other lifestyle habits.

Vitamin D Foods: Food List, Dose & Supplements

Updated in 06-15-2023

Fish liver oil, meat and seafood are foods with some of the highest amounts of vitamin D, however plenty of sun exposure may also help you to obtain adequate levels. Read out list of 16 foods that are high in vitamin D and learn about when supplementation is necessary.

Lemon Balm: 10 Health Benefits, How To Take & Side Effects

Updated in 06-13-2023

Lemon balm has many uses, as it contains soothing, diuretic, and expectorant properties. It is also often recommended to treat digestive problems. Learn about the health benefits and how to make lemon balm tea .

Testosterone Booster: 6 Ways to Increase Levels

Updated in 06-13-2023

To boost testosterone production it's important to follow a diet rich in zinc and vitamins A and D. Check out our other important tips to boost testosterone levels naturally and learn what symptoms can appear with low testosterone levels.

Taurine: 8 Health Benefits, Food List & Supplements

Updated in 06-13-2023

Taurine is an amino acid that is naturally found in food like beed, chicken and fish. It can help to strengthen the immune system, boost physical performance and prevent early aging. Learn more about the other health benefits that taurine can offer, where to find it and how to supplement.

Constipation Relief: 7 Tips to Relieve Constipation Naturally

Updated in 06-13-2023

Constipation relief can be achieved with easy tips, like eating a fiber-rich diet, drinking more water, eating healthy fats and doing regular exercise. These simple lifestyle changes can help to manage constipation and prevent it in the fut.

Gout Diet: Foods To Eat & Avoid (w/ 3-Day Meal Plan)

Updated in 06-11-2023

Following a gout diet is a crucial part of gout treatment. Foods that contain purines, for example, can cause uric acid levels to increase in the body, making your symptoms worse. Check which foods are allowed, which foods to avoid, and what to eat in moderation, as well as our sample meal plan to guide your diet.

Psoriasis Diet Plan: What to Eat & Avoid (w/ 3-Day Meal Plan)

Updated in 06-07-2023

Diet can play a very important role in the treatment of psoriasis, as there are foods that help to relieve certain symptoms. Some types of food, on the other hand, can also trigger flare-ups. Find out what you can eat and what to avoid, and.

Gastritis Diet: Meal Plan, Foods Allowed & What To Avoid

Updated in 06-06-2023

Diet is an essential component of treatment when you have gastritis or a stomach ulcer., Changing what you eat allows the digestive system to rest and prevents worsening the symptoms. Learn about what food you should eat and what you should.

How to Lose Belly Fat Faster: 7 Easy Tips

Updated in 06-06-2023

To lose belly fat, it's important to have a healthy, balanced diet and to exercise regularly at a high intensity. Check out 7 tips on how to lose belly fat quickly from our dietitian.

Intestinal infection: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Updated in 06-05-2023

An intestinal infection usually emerges after consuming food or water and is associated with symptoms like fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Learn about the other common symptoms, what causes intestinal infections, and how to treat it .

Weight Loss Tips: Lose 10 pounds in 2 Weeks (w/ Meal Plan)

Updated in 06-05-2023

To lose weight in 2 weeks, you should maintain a healthy and balanced diet that contains plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber. Increasing your water intake and drink teas for bloating can also help you reach your goals. Read more about specific foods to eat and avoid, and check out our recommended meal plan.

Celiac Disease Diet: Foods to Avoid, What to Eat & Meal Plan

Updated in 05-31-2023

Celiac disease diets should be totally gluten-free. You are advised to avoid foods like wheat, rye, barley, malt and spelt. You should also avoid food that can possibly be contaminated with gluten, like oats and ketchup. Learn more about fo.

H. Pylori Diet: What to Eat, What to Avoid & Diet Plan

Updated in 05-30-2023

During treatment for H. pylori it is important to avoid some types of foods, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and fried foods. See what you should eat during treatment, what to avoid and check a 3-day diet plan.