Mission and Values

Our Mission 

Tua Saúde’s mission is to create and offer health information that is reliable, accurate and accessible to the public. We strive to promote health and wellbeing to our readers. 

Tua Saúde is a digital platform that aims to be a point of reference for health information, so that people can better understand and manage their health. 

Our Values

To ensure that the content we produce continues to be of utmost excellence, Tua Saúde has developed values that support the work we do: 

  • We are the client: Our readers are the main reason we exist. We write our content prudently in an easy-to-read language that is accessible to our readers, as a means to promote self-health. 
  • We are the team: Our concern for one another is evident in everything we do. This dedication is present in our workplace, where our collective work spirit drives our union and cohesion.
  • We are responsible and autonomous: Our work is supported by our duty to create evidence-based content that respects each team member’s medical authority. Tua Saúde is our common good, which is why we treat this platform with the respect it needs to grow and flourish. 
  • We are innovative and proactive: We know that the digital world is constantly changing, which is why we try to keep ourselves one step ahead. We endeavor to take advantage of new opportunities and new solutions, which can be evidenced by the development of our social media pages. 
  • We are light-hearted: They say that smiling is the best remedy, which is why we believe that promoting good energy to each other is essential, even during hard times. 

These are the pillars that ground our authenticity. They allow us to create a collective authoritative identity to channel the true value of online medical information.