Mission and Values

Our Mission

To ensure that Tua Saúde always remains a reference as a digital platform for health information, over the years it has become necessary to outline some pillars on which our work is based on.

These pillars ensure that our work remains loyal to the original mission of our creators: to guide and clarify in an objective and clear way, those who seek us, on health, nutrition and well-being issues, improving their quality of life.

Our values

From these pillars, emerged some values that guide our work everyday. That's why:

  • We are team: the concern for the other is in everything we do. To do so, team spirit is also present in our workplace, we have a collective feeling and we encourage unity and cohesion.
  • We are clients: our concern is also extended to our visitors, who are our main reason for existing. We want to deliver them accurate content, yet simple and accessible, being easy to understand, yet answering at the same time their needs and doubts.
  • We are responsibility and autonomy: we base our work on a responsibility principle, which means that we always create contents that are scientifically and authority based, respecting the autonomy of each team member. Tua Saúde is our common good and that is why we treat this platform with responsibility, because we are proud of it and want to see our legacy grow.
  • We are proaction and innovation: we know that the digital world is constantly changing and that is why we try to always be one step ahead, anticipating opportunities and looking for new solutions.
  • We are good morale: they say that smiling is the best medicine and therefore we believe that provoking good feelings in others is essential, even when tackling the most difficult issues.

These are the pillars that guarantee our authenticity, allowing us to create an identity with authority, helping to add value to online information.