Mission and Values

Our Mission

To guarantee a level of excellence consistent throughout all content produced by Tua Saúde and to assure that Tua Saúde serves as a digital platform that can be confidently referenced, it is necessary to outline the pillars that support our work.

These pillars ensure that our work remains loyal to the original mission of our content creators: to guide and educate those who seek health care information in an objective, clear way in order to improve their quality of life.

Our Values

From these pillars, we can defined the values that guide our work. Which is why:

  • We are a team: Caring for others is in everything we do, as well as in our workplace, where we have a collective mindset that promotes union and cohesion.
  • We are the client: Our need to care extends to our visitors, who are the main reason we exist. We wish to share content that is thorough, but simple and accessible to our readers, so that it is easily understandable and addresses their necessities and doubts.
  • We are responsible and autonomous: Our work is cemented in taking on the responsibility of creating content that is evidence-based, while respecting the autonomy of each member of the team. Tua Saúde is our common good, which is why treat this platform responsibly. We are proud to see it grow and continue its legacy.
  • We are innovative and proactive: We know the digital world is constantly changing which is why we try to remain one step ahead. We anticipate opportunities and look for new solutions. Our Youtube channel is proof of this.
  • We are joyful: They say that laughing is the best remedy, which is why we believe sparking joy in others is essential, even when discussing more difficult topics.

These are the pillars that guarantee our authenticity. They allow us to create a commanding identity that helps to contribute real value to information accessed online.