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Best fruits for Diabetics

Fruit rich in carbohydrates such as grapes, figs and dried fruits are not recommended for people with diabetes because they contain too much sugar which can increase the chances of blood sugar spikes.

The best option is to consume fresh fruit, especially those that are rich in fiber or that can be consumed with peel such as mandarin, apple, pear and orange with bagasse, because the fibers may help to slow the sugar that is absorbed, maintaining your glicemia controlled.

Best fruits for Diabetics

Fruits allowed for diabetes

In small quantities all fruits can be consumed by diabetics, because will not stimulate the increase in blood sugar levels. In general, it is recommended you consume 2 to 4 units a day. You should know that 1 medium piece of fresh fruit contains about 15 to 20 g of carbohydrates, which is also found in 1/2 cup of juice or 1 tablespoon of dry fruits.

See the table below to find out the amount of carbohydrates present in the fruits indicated for diabetics:

Banana, 1 medium piece10,4 g0,8 g
Tangerine13 g1,2 g
Pear17,6 g3,2 g
Orange, 1 medium piece20,7 g2 g
Apple, 1 medium piece19,7 g1,7 g
Melon, 2 medium slices7,5 g0,25 g
Strawberry, 10 pieces3,4 g0,8 g
Plum, 1 piece12,4 g2,2 g
Grape, 10 UND10,8 g0,7 g
Red guava, 1 medium piece22g 10,5 g
Avocado4,8 g5,8 g
Kiwi, 2 pieces13,8 g3,2 g
Mango, 2 medium slices17,9 g2,9 g

It is also important to remember that juice contains more sugar than fresh fruit and less fiber, which causes you to get hungry soon er and blood sugar to rise faster after ingestion.

Also, before practicing physical activity, it is also important to make a proper meal to prevent sugar levels from getting too low.

What is the best time to eat fruit

If you are diabetic you should prefer to eat fruit shortly after lunch and dinner as a dessert. But it is also possible to eat a fiber rich fruit such as kiwi or orange with bagasse for breakfast or snacks provided that in the same meal you eat 2 whole-grain toast or 1 jar of natural yogurt, without sugar, with 1 tablespoon of linseed, for example. Guava and avocado are other fibers that a diabetic can eat, without worrying about glucose levels.

Fruits that should be avoided

Some fruits should be eaten in moderation by diabetics because they contain more carbohydrates or because they have less fiber, which facilitates the absorption of sugar in the intestine. The main examples are plum canned syrup, açaí pulp, banana, jackfruit, pineapple, fig and tamarind.

The following table indicates the amount of carbohydrates present in fruits that should be consumed in moderation:

Fruit (100g)CarbohydratesFibers
Pineapple, 2 medium slices18,5 g1,5 g
Papaya, 2 medium slices19,6 g3 g
raisins,1 tablespoon14 g0,6 g
Watermelon, 1 medium slice (200g)16,2 g0,2 g
Caqui20,4 g3,9 g

A good way to avoid the rapid rise in blood glucose levels is to consume the fruits along with foods rich in fiber, protein or healthy fats, such as chestnuts, cheese or in the dessert after meals that contain salads, such as lunch or dinner.

Can I eat dried fruits and oilseeds?

Dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and prunes should be consumed in small quantities, because although they are smaller, they have the same amount of sugar as fresh fruit. You should also pay attention to the food label to see whether the fruit syrup has sugar or if the sugar has been added during the process of fruit dehydration.

Oilseeds, such as chestnuts, almonds and walnuts, have fewer carbohydrates than other fruits and are good sources of fats that improve cholesterol and prevent diseases. However, they should also be consumed in small amounts, as they are very caloric.

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