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It is important to read the following topics carefully, as they outline Tua Saúde’s legal principles and conduct. We aim to meet this site’s user expectations. 

Tua Saúde is a site under the Grupo Rede D’Or network which offers educational information about health in an easy-to-ready language, to be accessed by the public. 

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The information published on this site is created solely by health care professionals, who are listed on the “Who We Are” page. 

This site is committed to providing information from trusted sources. 

Website Objectives

Our main objective is to provide the public with information regarding health, nutrition and wellbeing in an accessible, easy-to-read language. We also cover topics like conventional therapies and alternative medicine, medicine leaflets, beauty tips, and other health-related themes. This information should not, at any point, replace a medical diagnosis, treatment or advice provided by your doctor.


Any information collected by Tua Saúde, like an email address, will never be shared, divulged or sold to third-parties outside of the Grupo Rede D’or network, unless required by the law. 

The policy that fully outlines our confidentiality practices is available for review on the “Privacy Policy” page. 


All content is produced by our internal team and is supported by reliable resources. The majority of references used to create our content can be found at the end of each article. 

Financial Sources

This website is exclusively financed by the income generated from online ads. These ads fund our site, content creators and technical updates. 

Full-disclosure Regarding Our Editorial and Publishing Policy

Tua Saúde displays online ads. We do not control the content of these ads. It is important to highlight that our editorial content is not influenced for financial gain. 

Our website hosts commercial banners and links, and all ads are clearly identified with a “Google Ads” or other ad-related tag. 

This website is a part of the Grupo Rede D’Or network, but it is an independent entity that produces ethical, impartial and thorough health content. 

We do not tolerate any biased or discriminatory information with regards to our content or the displayed ads.