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High Protein Foods

The foods most rich in protein are those of animal origin like meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt. The proteins that exist in these foods are present in larger quantities and are of better quality, being more easily absorbed by the body.

However, vegetables such as peas, beans and soybeans also have good amounts of protein, and can be used in a balanced diet to maintain proper body function, as well as being important components of vegetarian diets.

It is important to know how much protein exists in each type of food an how to combine vegetables, so that you can obtain protein without consuming meat.

Table of foods rich in animal protein

Foods rich in animal protein are mainly meats, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. See the table below to find out the amount of protein that each food contains.

FoodsAnimal protein in 100 gEnergy in 100 g
Chicken meat32,8 g148 calories
Beef26,4 g163 calories
Cheese26 g316 calories
Grilled Salmon23,8 g308 calories
Whitefish19,2 g109 calories
Egg13 g149 calories
Yogurt4,1 g54 calories
Milk3,3 g47 calories

The consumption of protein after physical activity is important to avoid injury and help recovery and muscle growth. 

Foods rich in animal protein
Foods rich in animal protein

Table of foods rich in vegan protein

Foods rich in vegetable protein are important mainly in vegetarian diets, providing adequate amounts of amino acids to maintain the formation of muscles, cells and hormones in the body. See the following table to discover which plant foods are high in protein.

FoodsVegan protein in 100 gEnergy in 100 g
Soy12,5 g140 calories
Quinoa12,0 g335 calories
Buckwheat11,0 g366 calories
Millet Grain11,8 g360 calories
Lentils9,1 g108 calories
Tofu8,5 g76 calories
Beans6,6 g91 calories
Peas6,2 g63 calories
Cooked Rice2,5 g127 calories

Foods rich in vegan proteins need to be combined so that the union of the amino acids forms proteins of good quality, as in the examples below:

  • Rice and beans (any type);
  • Peas and millet;
  • Lentils and buckwheat;
  • Quinoa and corn;
  • Brown rice and red peas.

The combination of these foods and consuming a variety of them in the diet is important to maintain proper body function and growth of vegetarian people. In addition, ovaractovegetarians may also include egg and milk proteins and their derivatives in their diet. 

Foods rich in vegan protein
Foods rich in vegan protein

Protein or hyperproteic diet

In the hyperproteic diet one should eat 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day. This is a good strategy to increase muscle mass and define the body, especially when accompanied by exercises for muscle hypertrophy. See how to do it in: High protein diet.

Foods high in lean protein

Foods rich in lean protein are all plant foods mentioned above and low-fat meats such as chicken breast and skinless turkey breast, egg white and lean fish such as hake.

In addition to promoting muscle growth, consumption of lean protein is important to prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and overweight.

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