Creative process is one of international branches. It is a digital platform, originally created in Portuguese, with a team of certified health professionals concerned with producing reliable information that helps answer questions about health, nutrition and well-being.

How the translation process works

One of the main steps in the process to turn our platform international, is to translate and adapt the original Portuguese content into English, respecting the following method:

  1. Creation of original content in Portuguese: this is the mother tongue of our managers and editors, who write and sign the contents originally produced for
  2. Content selection: contents in Portuguese are selected for the new language according to their success in the mother tongue and reader satisfaction, which is evaluated through metrics such as bounce rate, monthly visitation and user feedback.
  3. Information adaptation to English: after being selected, these contents are translated into English by a health professional who is concerned not only with the translation itself, but also in adapting the written information to the culture and doubts of the English spoken audience.

Although the information comes from the same origin and uses the know-how that has guaranteed the success of this Portuguese platform - - for more than 12 years, every internationalization process of the site into another language receives differentiated attention, becoming, with time, an independent website, shaped according to the differences and needs of the population.

How we create new content

Since we are very aware of these differences, we also find it vital to create new and different contents from those that already exist in Portuguese, capable of covering some specific needs of the new target population. And for this to be possible, in each language we replicate the original process of content creation that guaranteed the success of the platform in Portuguese:

  1. Theme selection for content production: in this phase each subject is chosen by a content management team, which is formed by health professionals. We consider the suggestions sent by each reader to our e-mail and the comments made on our social networks as sources of inspiration. In addition, we seek to always be informed of what is happening in the world, finding inspiration in recent media issues.
  2. Selected topics are transferred to the production team: our health professionals study each subject and try to understand the most common doubts that emerge about them, taking care in creating contents with simple vocabulary, but always based on current scientific evidence.
  3. Publishing contents online: once produced, each of our contents, which are always original, become available for free at
  4. Contents are reviewed by experts: at the time of publication, each content is sent to be reviewed and validated by one of our specialists. Our specialists are selected according to the medical area of ​​the information produced, adding value and authority to the content.

We believe that all contents written in the past impacts the future, and because we understand that our readers are increasingly demanding, in Tua Saúde we regularly review the more than 10.000 articles published, updating them with recent scientific information so that they always maintain an exceptional level of quality.

@TRUST seal certification

Tua Saúde’s creative process has been awarded with a @TRUST seal by the AACI Medical Content Certification. With this seal, our readers are assured that Tua Saúde’s content is trusted and adheres to the highest standards of quality, objectivity and transparency. 

Our @TRUST seal is issued by a technical committee that evaluates 8 criteria: author and editor identification, reference bibliography, ethical considerations, privacy use, transparency, impartiality and medical content review.