About us

Tua Saúde is a brand of the Rede D’Or group. Our main objective is to produce reliable health information that answers questions about health, nutrition and wellbeing. This information is published in an easy-to-read language that is ethical and up-to-date.

All of the content produced is original and created by a team of healthcare professionals with vast experience in their areas. This guarantees our information is high-quality and authentic.

Tua Saúde offers consultations with medical professionals belonging to over 100 hospitals and clinics from the Rede D’Or Group. These healthcare settings are currently present in 7 states in Brazil.

Editorial team

This is the team of healthcare professionals responsible for the content published on Tua Saúde:

Where to find Rede D’Or

In-person care of Tua Saúde is available at Rede D’Or hospitals and clinics, located in the these 7 states in Brazil:

  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • São Paulo;
  • Pernambuco;
  • Bahia;
  • Maranhão;
  • Ceará;
  • Distrito Federal.

The Rede D’or team in Brazil provides consultations that can be booked and accessed from anywhere in the world. Check out a complete list of all Rede D’Or care centers.

Our history

Tua Saúde was founded in 2007 by Tatiana Zanin, Registered Dietitian, and Adriano Frazão.

Our team of health care professionals has expanded and diversified over the last 15 years. With this growth, Tua Saúde has become the largest platform for online health information in Portuguese. It sits in first place for the most-accessed health website in Brazil and Portugal.

This journey has also led to the creation of Tua Saúde across several digital platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok.

In order to increase our readers’ access to quality health information without any borders, Tua Saúde launched its website in more languages in 2017. It is now accessible in PortugueseSpanish and French.

In 2022, Tua Saúde was acquired by the Rede D’Or group to ensure that quality health services are available to readers actively looking for healthcare.  Tua Saúde is now a part of the largest network of health care services in Brazil. With this partnership, we are proud to offer access to booking medical consults, guaranteeing that our readers have a more individual, personal and holistic health journey.

Your Health (Tua Saúde) is now, more than ever, our first priority.