About us

Tua Saúde is a digital space founded in 2007 by Tatiana Zanin, RD and Adriano Frazão. Tua Saúde aims to publish trusted information regarding health, nutrition and well-being in an easy-to-read language. Since its humble beginnings, the founders set-out to ensure all health content is ethical and evidence-based. 

All content published by Tua Saúde is original and produced by a team of experienced healthcare professionals to guarantee that information is high-quality, accurate and up-to-date. 

Tua Saúde has thrived for 15 years because we believe that understanding how your body works is one of the best ways to keep you happy and healthy. 

In 2022, Tua Saúde merged with Rede D'or São Luiz to further improve our readers’ access to quality health care. This partnership will provide readers with a way to connect with doctors and specialists to seek a more personalized health care experience. Health services are currently available in Brazil, while services in other countries remain in development.  

We are committed to helping our readers reach their health goals with both our health education resources and with direct access to quality health services. 

This is the team of health care professionals that contribute to Tua Saúde’s mission:

Our Team