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At Tua Saúde, we believe that each person should be in full control of their health and well-being. Having the right information is essential for making the right healthcare decisions. Being a part of the Rede D’Or network allows us to provide high-quality information that is accessible to anyone searching for it.

For over 15 years, Tua Saúde has produced reliable content regarding health, nutrition and well-being so that readers can make safe, informed decisions about their health. 

Our goal is to simplify complex health concepts and make them easier to understand. 

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We want our readers to feel confident about exploring all types of medical themes without worrying about technical or complex terms. We strive to provide content that is easy-to-read, direct and objective, with examples and illustrations, so that information is easily understandable and accessible.

Tua Saúde (Your Health) is our commitment.

We know each person is unique. The entire team at Tua Saúde is proud to have the opportunity to care for the health and well-being of anyone seeking help. 

This is what motivates us. Thank you for trusting us.

About us

How we produce our content

To produce high-quality content, we follow a rigorous creative process with utmost care. We aim to be a point of reference on a global level in all things health-related. We are committed to sharing accurate and reliable information that is produced exclusively by our team of licensed health care professionals. 

All articles are then reviewed by a doctor specialist to ensure that our readers will access up-to-date, evidence-based and accurate information.  

Our creative process has earned a @TRUST seal, which ensures that we adhere to high-quality, objective and transparent standards. 

For the most part, the English content on Tua Saúde is first created in Portuguese, and then translated by a team of health care professionals who speak native English. In addition to translations, our English-speaking health care professionals adapt, create or add content to original articles so that it is relevant and meets the needs of our target populations in English-speaking countries.

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Medical review team

Our medical review team is made-up of doctors and other health care professionals that specialize in many diverse areas of health. They certify our content to ensure it remains evidence-based and realistic. 

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About the Rede D’Or group

We are a brand of the Rede D'Or group, which is the largest network of private hospitals and clinics in Brazil. Rede D'Or has provided health care services in many regions of Brazil for over 40 years, and is distinguished by its high-quality standards and modern facilities and services, from the diagnosis phase to treatment. 

Founded in 1977, Rede D'Or is committed to offering excellent care to patients. They continue to invest in technology, research and the continued education of their health care team.  

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The health information accessed on Tua Saúde is solely intended for informative and educational purposes. Our content should not replace your doctor’s diagnosis, treatment or health care advice.

Each person is unique and has specific health care needs, which is why treatment and medical advice should be patient-centered whenever possible.

Advertising policy

To ensure our content remains of utmost quality and free to access, we display advertisements on our pages. However, these advertisements are separate entities, independent of our editorial team. Our team works rigorously to produce objective and informative content, and is not influenced by the advertisements displayed. 

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Privacy policy

The privacy of our readers is a matter we take seriously. We are committed to guaranteeing that all personal information is safely and respectfully handled. Our private policy outlines the information we collect, how it is used, and how it is protected. 

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Do you have a question or suggestion? 

We want you to have direct access to us, which is why we created a means through which you can contact our team. That way, you can send in your questions or suggestions. 

Please note that we are unable to answer questions about your treatment, medications, or test results, nor can we offer medical opinions. 

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Our team is constantly growing. Stay tuned to our recruitment page to stay up-to-date with our job postings. 

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