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Tingling in Head: 7 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 07-05-2023

Tingling in the head can be very uncomfortable but is usually not serious. It can occur with migraines, stress, anxiety, dental issues or even diabetes. Head tingling that does not resolve on its own or that is very intense should be assessed by a doctor. Read more about what causes tingling in the head and what to do.

High Creatinine Levels: 9 Causes, When To Worry & Symptoms

Updated in 07-05-2023

High creatinine levels in the blood can occur from normal occurrences, like mild dehydration or eating more protein, but it can also be a sign of a more serious condition, like high blood pressure or a kidney infection. Learn about what causes high creatinine levels, how to treat it, and symptoms that can occur.

Fungal Meningitis: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnosis

Updated in 07-04-2023

Fungal meningitis is an infectious disease caused by fungi that lead to inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Learn more about the symptoms of this disease, what causes it, and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Swollen Neck: 10 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 07-03-2023

A swollen neck can occur as a result of a flu or throat inflammation, and will typically resolve quickly. However, if a swollen neck presents with other symptoms, it should be assessed by a doctor. Learn more about what causes a swollen neck and how it is treated .

Chills But No Fever: 9 Possible Causes (& How to Treat)

Updated in 06-29-2023

Chills but no fever refers to shivers and other fever-like symptoms while your body temperature remains within a normal range. This is often referred to as an “internal fever”. Learn more about what can cause chills without a fever and what to do to treat this condition.

Pain Below Belly Button: 7 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 06-29-2023

Pain below the belly button can occur as a result of health conditions like a UTI, ovarian cyst, period cramps or IBS. Due to the diverse possible causes, it is important to see a doctor to assess your abdominal pain, especially if you have.

Can You Be Allergic to Water? (Aquagenic Urticaria)

Updated in 06-28-2023

Being allergic to water is a rare condition that causes red rashes immediately after contact with water. The underlying causes are not well known and there is no cure, however there are treatment options available to relieve symptom intensity. Read more about how a water allergy is diagnosed and treated.

Bright Red Blood in Stool: 6 Top Causes & How to Treat

Updated in 06-27-2023

A presença de sangue vermelho vivo nas fezes pode ser sinal de problemas leves, como hemorroidas e fissuras anais, ou ser indicativo de problemas mais graves como câncer de intestino e doença de Crohn, por exemplo. Conheça outras causas de .

Stomach Growling: 5 Common Causes (& When to See a Doctor)

Updated in 06-26-2023

Stomach growling is normal and often happens after eating a meal. However, when stomach noises occur with other symptoms such as pain or significant bloating, it can also indicate a health problem. Learn the common causes for stomach growling and what to do.

Chronic Diarrhea: 8 Causes, Treatment & What to Eat

Updated in 06-20-2023

Chronic diarrhea can be caused by food intolerances or allergies, infections, genetic illnesses or bowel inflammation. Learn about what causes chronic diarrhea, how to treat it, and what to eat .

Fishy-Smelling Urine: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Updated in 06-20-2023

Urine that smells like fish is generally a sign of trimethylaminuria, a condition in which the body is unable to breakdown trimethylamine from the diet or medications. This odor can be noted in the urine, sweat and breath. Learn more about .

Ear Pain: 12 Common Causes & When to See a Doctor

Updated in 06-20-2023

Ear pain can occur due to an ear infection, an eardrum rupture or because of water trapped in the ear. Find out other common causes of ear pain and what to do in each situation, as well as how ear pain can present in babies. Also see when y.

Scabs on Scalp: 9 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 06-19-2023

Scabs on the scalp are usually related to skin conditions, like dermatitis, psoriasis, allergies or fungal infections. They usually present with symptoms like itching, redness or flaking of the skin. Learn more about what causes scabs on t.

Pain at Top of Head: 5 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 06-15-2023

Pain at the top of the head is usually a sign of muscle tension or fatigue. However, if it is frequent or accompanied by other symptoms, it can be a sign of a headache or hypertensive crisis, which require assessment. Learn more about what .

Body Tremors: 8 Causes & When to See a Doctor

Updated in 06-12-2023

A causa mais comum de tremor no corpo é o frio, no entanto existem outras causas para o aparecimento do tremor, como ansiedade ou consumo de bebidas energéticas, assim como doenças como Parkinson. Veja as principais causas para o tremor no .