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11 Symptoms of Liver Disease (With Online Symptom Quiz)

Updated in 10-19-2023

The first symptoms of liver disease are usually right-sided abdominal pain and a ​swollen belly. Symptoms can vary, however, depending on the type of problem occurring. Learn more about the symptoms that can arise with liver problems and co.

Forehead Headache: Top 10 Causes (& What to Do)

Updated in 10-19-2023

Headaches felt in the forehead are generally common and usually emerge in periods of stress or tension. However, they may also be a sign of high blood pressure or a sinus infection. Learn about the 6 common causes of forehead headaches and what to do to relieve pain.

Itchy Feet: 10 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 10-18-2023

Itchy feet can be caused by several factors, like dry skin, hyshidrosis, psoriasis or a fungal infection. Learn about the possible causes of itchy feet, what they mean and you can get rid of itchiness .

Bumps on Tongue: 10 Common Causes (& What to Do)

Updated in 10-18-2023

Bumps on the tongue can appear suddenly and resolve on their own and are usually related to taste bud inflammation. They are not considered to be serious, however if they last for over 10 days and present with other symptoms, you should see.

White Phlegm: 6 Common Causes (& What to Do)

Updated in 10-18-2023

White phlegm is generally a sign of respiratory infections or inflammation, like bronchitis, sinusitis or lung diseases, like COPD. It may also be caused by digestive issues, like acid reflux or a food allergy. See what the main causes of white phlegm are and what to do.

Armpit Pain: 9 Common Causes (& What To Do)

Updated in 10-16-2023

Armpit pain can occur for many reasons, like a swollen lymph node, hidradenitis suppurativa or from a muscular injury to the pectoral chest muscles and, in more severe cases, lymphoma or breast cancer. Learn about what causes of armpit pain.

Folliculitis: Symptoms, Types, Causes & Treatment

Updated in 10-13-2023

Folliculitis is an infection of a hair follicle that can happen in any part of the body. It most commonly occurs on the legs, face, groin and scalp. Treatment will depend on where the folliculitis has occurred. Learn more about what causes this .

Vomit Color Chart: Throwing-Up Yellow, Green, Black or Red

Updated in 10-13-2023

Vomit color can give insight into a patient’s health status. Yellow or green vomit, for example, usually gets its color from bile that is present in the stomach. Black vomit may be a sign of internal bleeding. Learn about what vomit color means and what to do.

Anal Skin Tag: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Updated in 10-12-2023

An anal skin tag is a benign skin protrusion located on the outside of the anus, which can be mistaken for a hemorrhoid. Find out what causes it, the symptoms associated with them and how to treat anal skin tags.

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms: 6 Signs to Monitor

Updated in 10-03-2023

Stomach ulcers can cause symptoms like pain and burning in the middle of your belly, bloating and weight loss. It is important to see a gastroenterologist if you notice these symptoms. Learn about other symptoms to monitor for, as well as h.

Scalp Tingling: 7 Common Causes & What to Do

Updated in 09-27-2023

Scalp tingling is usually associated with mild skin irritations, but it can also occur with many diverse health conditions, like temporal arteritis, fungal infections and psoriasis. Learn more about what causes scalp tingling, other symptoms associated with it, and what to do to treat it .

Hands & Feet Always Cold? 10 Causes (& What to Do)

Updated in 09-27-2023

Cold hands and feet are a relatively common symptom, especially during the winter. If you notice cold extremities very frequently, even when not exposed to cold temperatures, it may be a sign of a more serious condition, like poor circulation or anemia. Learn more about what causes cold hands and feet, and what to do.

Mucocele (Mucus Cyst): Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Updated in 09-27-2023

A mucocele, also known as a mucus cyst, is a type of clear blister that can form on the lip, tongue, cheeks or roof of the mouth. They are often painless and resolve on their own. Learn about what causes it, symptoms, and treatment options.

Cold Sore Medicine: Medications & Home Remedies

Updated in 09-26-2023

There are many cold sore medicines available to cure cold sores faster and to reduce the pain and discomfort more quickly. Check out the main types of ointments, remedies and home tricks you can use to combat cold sores.

Swollen Lymph Node in Groin: 12 Causes & What to Do

Updated in 08-30-2023

A swollen lymph node in the groin can be related to inflammation or infection in the area, like an STI or monkeypox, but they can also be a sign of an autoimmune flare-up or even cancer. Learn the 12 most common causes of swollen lymph node in the groin and what to do in each situation.