Pink Discharge After Ovulation: What Does It Mean?

March 2022

A pink discharge after ovulation may be an early sign of pregnancy, as it is quite common following the implantation of a fertilized egg. When the embryo adheres to the uterine walls and starts to develop, this can cause a small wound on the uterine wall, leading to scant amounts of blood to be excreted with vaginal discharge.

Once implantws, the fertilized egg starts producing a hormone called beta hCG, which can be detected in the bloodstream. This is one of the best ways to confirm pregnancy. Therefore, women who experience pink discharge after ovulation and suspect pregnancy should see their doctor to order a beta hCG blood test. They can also complete a urine pregnancy test as early as 1 day after a missed period.

The following table indicates the beta hCG levels in the blood in the first weeks of pregnancy:

Pregnancy weeks

Beta HCG levels in the blood test 

Not pregnant - Negative - or test carried out too early 

Less than 5 mlU/ml

3 weeks of pregnancy

5 to 50 mlU/ml

4 weeks of pregnancy

5 to 426 mlU/ml

5 weeks of pregnancy

18 to 7.340 mlU/ml

6 weeks of pregnancy

1.080 to 56.500 mlU/ml

7 to 8  weeks of pregnancy

7.650 to 229.000 mlU/ml

How to identify implantation discharge

Implantation discharge can have an egg white consistency. It is usually watery or milky, but with a pinkish color. This kind of discharge can happen once or twice after implantation. Some women present a texture that looks like to mucus or phlegm, with some strings of blood. Blood is usually seen on the toilet paper after wiping. 

Nevertheless, not all women can observe this type of discharge, and, therefore it shouldn’t be considered a definitive pregnancy symptom.

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