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What is the ideal weight for your height

Maintaining ideal weight is important to avoid complications such as obesity and diabetes or even malnutrition when the a person is very underweight. To calculate the ideal weight, one must calculate the Body Mass Index or BMI, which takes into account age, weight and height.

How to calculate your ideal weight

To calculate the ideal adult weight, use our calculator:

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How to get to your ideal weight

When you are out of your ideal weight value, you should consult a nutritionist to start a diet tailored to your needs, to increase or decrease weight. In addition, you should also consult a physical coach to start an appropriate exercise plan.

For those who are underweight and want to gain weight, it is also important to eat protein-rich foods like eggs, cheese, milk and dairy products, chicken or salmon, and should eat every 2 hours to consume more calories. See an example of a diet to gain weight in a healthy way.

For those who are overweight and want to lose weight, it is essential to increase the consumption of foods such as eggplant, ginger, salmon, and flax seeds, for example, because they accelerate metabolism rate, which leads to weight loss. See other examples of foods that can help you lose weight in: Foods that can help lose weight.

Having the ideal weight is important but you should also calculate the waist-to-hip ratio to assess the risk of having cardiovascular disease, such as diabetes and heart attack.

Weight for age chart

In the chart below we indicate the ideal weight in girls until the age of 5:

1 month3,2 Kg (7 lbs) - 4,8 Kg (11 lbs)6 months6,2 Kg (14 lbs) - 8,6 Kg (19 lbs)2 years old9,2 Kg (20 lbs) - 13 Kg (29 lbs)
2 months4 Kg (9 lbs) - 5,8 Kg (13 lbs)8 months6,4 Kg (14 lbs) - 9 Kg (20 lbs)3 years old9,2 Kg (20 lbs) - 15 Kg (33 lbs)
3 months4,6 Kg (10 lbs) - 6,6 Kg (15 lbs)9 months6,6 Kg (15 lbs) - 9,2 Kg  (20 lbs)4 years old12,5 Kg (28 lbs)- 18,5 Kg (41 lbs)
4 months5,2 Kg (12 lbs) - 7,1 Kg (16 lbs)9 - 11 months6,6 Kg (15 lbs) - 9,8 Kg (22 lbs)5 years old14,0 Kg (31 lbs) - 21,5 Kg (47 lbs)
5 months5,6 kg (12 lbs) - 7,8 Kg (17 lbs)1 year7,2 kg (16 lbs) - 10,2 kg (23 lbs)+ 5 years old+ 14,0 Kg (31 lbs)

In the chart below we indicate the ideal weight in boys until the age of 5:

1 month3,4 Kg (8 lbs) - 5 Kg (11 lbs)7 months6,8 Kg (15 lbs) - 9,2 Kg (20 lbs)2 years9,8 Kg (22 lbs)- 13,6 Kg (30 lbs)
2 months4,4 Kg (10 lbs) - 6,2 Kg (14 lbs)8 months6,8 Kg (15 lbs) - 9,6 Kg (21 lbs)3 years11,5 Kg (25 lbs) - 16,2 Kg (36 lbs)
3 months5 Kg (11 lbs) - 7,2 Kg (16 lbs)9 months7,2 Kg (16 lbs) - 9,8 Kg (22 lbs)4 years12,9 Kg (28 lbs) - 18,7 Kg (41 lbs)
4 months5,6 Kg (12 lbs) - 7,8 Kg (17 lbs)10 months7,4 Kg (16 lbs) - 10,3 Kg (23 lbs)5 years11,5 Kg (25 lbs) - 16,2 Kg 36 lbs)
5 months6,1 Kg (14 lbs) - 8,4 Kg (19 lbs)11 months7,7 Kg (17 lbs) - 11,5 Kg (25 lbs)+ 5 years14,3 Kg (32 lbs) - 21,1 Kg (47 lbs)
6 months6,4 Kg (14 lbs) - 8,8 Kg (20 lbs)1 year7,9 Kg (17 lbs) - 12,8 Kg (28 lbs)-----------


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