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Gestational Diabetes Diet: Foods to Eat & Avoid (w/ Meal Plan)

Updated in 02-22-2023

A gestational diabetes diet consists of high-fiber foods (like whole grains, fruits and vegetables) which slow down the absorption of sugar, which can help to manage glucose levels. Learn about what to eat and avoid and check out our 3-day meal plan.

7 Artichoke Benefits to Improve Your Health (& How to Prepare)

Updated in 02-21-2023

Artichoke benefits vary from preventing diseases, combating constipation and improving liver function. This plant is rich in flavonoids, minerals, water and fiber and can be consumed in many ways, including cooked, in tea or in smoothies. Learn more about artichoke health benefits and how to prepare them (with recipes).

Prediabetes Diet: What to Eat & Avoid (with 3-Day Meal Plan)

Updated in 02-16-2023

A prediabetes diet consists of eating food with a low glycemic index, like fruits, vegetables whole grain rice and beans. These foods help to decrease blood sugar levels and prevent sudden spikes. Learn more about what to eat and avoid eating with a prediabetes diet, and check out our sample meal plan for inspiration.

Stomach Flu Remedies: 6 Natural Options to Try at Home

Updated in 02-15-2023

Stomach flu remedies, like rice water, herbal tea and ginger tea, are great options for relieving symptoms. They should be taken as a compliment to the medical treatment prescribed by a doctor. Check out some home remedies for the stomach flu and how to prepare them.

Low Cholesterol Diet: Foods to Eat & Avoid (w/ Meal Plan)

Updated in 02-10-2023

A low cholesterol diet is low in fat (particularly saturated and trans fats) and low in sugar. This idet promotes optimal circulation and reduces the risk for heart attack and stroke. Learn about which foods to eat in a low cholesterol diet and what to avoid.

Vitamin D: Health Benefits, Dosing & Normal Levels

Updated in 02-09-2023

Vitamin D is needed to facilitate the absorption of calcium, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Learn more about what vitamin D is good for, how to take it, and what can happen with high or low levels.

Coconut Water: 10 Health Benefits, How to Drink & Recipes

Updated in 02-09-2023

Coconut water hydrates, purifies and detoxes the body, making it a great option for treating hangovers, high blood pressure and indigestion. Read more about the health benefits it can offer, how to consume it and how to incorporate it into your diet using our healthy recipes .

10 Health Benefits of Blackberries (w/ Easy Recipes)

Updated in 02-03-2023

Blackberries are rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins, which are bioactive compounds with antioxidants that can prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure. Their high fiber content can also be beneficial for regulating blood sugars. Learn more about the health benefits of blackberries, and how to use them in recipes.

Bioelectrical Impedance: What it Measures & Normal Levels

Updated in 02-02-2023

Bioelectrical impedance is a test that looks at body composition. It reports information about the amount of muscle, bone and fat using a weak electrical current. Learn more about how it works and what it measures, as well as the normal values to aim for.

Food for Dengue Treatment: What to Eat, Avoid & Diet Plan

Updated in 01-31-2023

Food like meat, eggs and liver that is rich in protein and iron is most recommended during dengue treatment. Learn more about what you can eat and what you should avoid if you have dengue fever and check out our dengue diet meal plan.

21 Folic Acid Foods to Add to Your Diet (& Daily Dose)

Updated in 01-30-2023

Foods with folic acid, like spinach and asparagus are important, as this vitamin can help prevent illnesses like stroke and cancer. Adequate consumption can also help prevent serious complications in pregnancy and fetal development. Learn more about which foods have high amounts of folate and the recommended daily dose.

Lychee Fruit: Health Benefits, Daily Dose & Recipes

Updated in 01-25-2023

Lychee fruit is an exotic fruit that can offer many health benefits to help control blood sugars, aid in weight loss, prevent cardiovascular disease, and strengthen the immune system. Learn about all the health benefits that lychee fruits can offer, as well as ways to consume lychee fruit at home.

Omega-3 Foods: 14 Natural Sources, Daily Dose & Recipes

Updated in 01-24-2023

Food that is naturally rich in omega-3, like flaxseed, olive oil and some fish help to prevent diseases, like high blood pressure and heart attacks. These foods can also help to boost attention, memory and concentration. Learn more about omega-3 foods to add to your diet and the daily recommended dose.

25 Magnesium Rich Foods to Prevent Deficiency

Updated in 01-20-2023

Magnesium is presente n foods like seeds and leafy green vegetables. This mineral is essential for many body functions, like muscle contractions and blood pressure control. Learn about the foods with magnesium you can incorporate into your diet, symptoms of a magnesium deficiency and when to supplement .

Black Tea: 9 Health Benefits, How to Make & Side Effects

Updated in 01-16-2023

Black tea has an intense color, taste and aroma. It is a great natural option for keeping you awake, improving digestion, lowering cholesterol and managing diabetes. Learn more about how to make black tea and its possible side effects.