17 Fruits That Are High in Iron (& How to Boost Absorption)

Fruits that are high in iron, like coconut, papaya and dehydrated mango, can promote oxygen transportation. This is important for optimal development and functioning on a cellular level, and can promote adequate production of some hormones. 

Fruits are an excellent source of iron for vegetarians, and can help to prevent diseases associated with iron deficiency, like anemia. 

Fruits that are high in iron typically contain non-heme iron, however. This type of iron should be consumed with other foods, like protein sources (like meat and dish) or vitamin C sources (like tomatoes and broccoli) to ensure it is well-absorbed.  

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List of iron-rich foods

The following table outlines the amount of iron found in 100 g of each fruit: 

High-iron fruits

Amount of iron in 100 g


7 mg

Dried apricot

5.8 mg


2.4 mg

Dried coconut

3.6 mg


2 mg


2.1 mg


4.1 mg

Brazilian nuts

2.5 mg

Dehydrated papaya

3.2 mg

Dehydrated mango

1.2 mg

Dehydrated banana

1.15 mg

Dehydrated apples

1.1 mg

Dehydrated pineapple

2.3 mg

Dehydrated pear

1.9 mg

Dried fig

2.6 mg

Dried dates

1.3 mg


3 mg

The fruits outlined in this table are dehydrated, as this form provides the highest amount of iron. These dehydrated fruit will also contain more carbohydrates and sugar, and should therefore be consumed in moderation, especially by diabetics. Excessive consumption of these fruits can lead to weight gain.

Why we need iron

Iron is a mineral that participates in red blood cell production. It helps to transport oxygen from the lungs to other areas of the body, and also facilitates the absorption of food. This can lead to increased energy, concentration and optimal physical and mental performance. 

Eating fruits that are high in fiber can also prevent early aging, as this mineral is also important for the formation of collagen. This nutrient is fundamental for keeping the skin hydrated, firm and wrinkle-free. 

It is important to remember that ingesting iron is also important for strengthening the immune system and protecting the body from illnesses like the flu, anemia or cardiovascular diseases. Check-out a more complete list of iron-rich foods that you can include in your diet.

How to increase iron absorption

To ensure optimal absorption of iron from fruits, it is important to maintain a diet that is high in vitamin C. This vitamin is present in foods like tomatoes, broccoli, purple cabbage and fresh oranges. 

Another way to optimize iron absorption from fruit is to eat these fruits with other foods that are rich in vitamin A, like carrots, tomatoes and spinach. 

For non-vegetarians, you can consume these high-iron fruits with an animal-based protein, like eggs, chicken, beef and fish. 

In addition, it is important to consume iron with calcium sources, like milk and dairy, nor with tannins, like cacao and quinoa. Iron should also not be consumed with fiber sources, like whole grain rice, soy and oatmeal. These foods can interfere with the absorption of iron from fruit, and should therefore be consumed separately.