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7 Garlic Benefits for Your Health (plus Nutritional Info, Recipes & More)

Updated in 05-09-2023

Garlic benefits include lowering cholesterol, fighting infections and reducing blood pressure. Learn about all the health benefits that garlic has to offer, as well as the nutritional components in garlic. You can also check out our garlic recipes, and read more about the side effects of this food.

Propolis: 6 Health Benefits, How to Use, Dosing & Side Effects

Updated in 05-03-2023

Propolis is a resin produced by bees using tree sap. It contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator and antiviral properties that can strengthen the immune system and speed-up wound healing. Learn more about the health benefits.

Intermittent Fasting: How to Start, Types, 8 Health Benefits & More

Updated in 04-26-2023

Intermittent fasting can promote detox, boost immunity, and also help improve mood and mental performance. Learn all about the incredible health benefits of intermittent fasting, how to start and what to eat when breaking a fast.

What Foods Are High in Protein? 36 Animal & Plant-Based Sources

Updated in 04-26-2023

High-protein food is an important part of your diet. Protein helps to they help prevent injury and illness, and promotes muscle recovery and growth. Check-out our list of top high-protein foods from animal and plant sources that you can add to your diet.

11 Pomegranate Health Benefits (Nutritional Info, Recipes & More)

Updated in 04-26-2023

Pomegranate is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants that help to boost immunity and prevent or treat some diseases, like cancer, Alzheimer’s, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Learn about the 11 health benefits that pomegranate can offer and how.

Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Updated in 04-24-2023

Vitamin D deficiency is a very common problem that initially does not present with any characteristic symptoms. If left untreated, symptoms may start to appear like muscle aches, fatigue or muscle spasms. Learn more about the main symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in children and adults.

Heartburn During Pregnancy: Causes & How to Treat

Updated in 04-24-2023

Heartburn during pregnancy is more frequently reported by women in the second and third trimester, although some women may feel it earlier. Learn what causes heartburn in pregnancy, and what you can do to help get rid of this problem, including home remedies .

Postpartum Diet: What to Eat & Avoid (& Weight Loss Tips)

Updated in 04-18-2023

The postpartum diet should prioritize vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein. This will promote breastmilk production and weight loss, as well as prevent other conditions like obesity and nutritional deficiencies. Read more about.

8 Ginseng Health Benefits (plus Types of Ginseng, How to Take & Recipes)

Updated in 04-13-2023

Ginseng is a medicinal plant that contains stimulating and adaptogenic properties that improve physical and mental performance, as well as decrease anxiety and stress. Learn more about that health benefits of ginseng, as well as the types o.

Caffeine Pills: Uses, How to Take, Side Effects & Contraindications

Updated in 04-12-2023

Caffeine pills are a food supplenent that can be used to boost memory, concentration, and physical performance as it works to stimulate the brain. They are also often used for weight loss. Learn about what caffeine pills are used for, how to take them and the side effects associated with use.

Why You Should Eat Cinnamon: 10 Benefits, Recipes & More

Updated in 04-10-2023

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice that can be used in several delicious recipes. However cinnamon is also considered a medicinal food as it contains lots of different properties that can help you improve your immunity and prevent certain illnesses. Learn about the different health benefits and how you can use cinnamon.

20 Foods that Give You More Energy & Get Rid of Fatigue

Updated in 03-30-2023

Some foods, like bananas, avocado and peanuts, contain properties that combat feature, boost mood and improve motivation to complete activities of daily living. Learn more about the foods that give you energy and check out our recipes so that you can incorporate these into your diet.

What to Eat With a Sore Throat: List of Food & Meal Plan

Updated in 03-29-2023

When experiencing a sore throat, you should consume liquids or thick fluis that are rich in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. These foods should address swelling and relieve symptoms. Learn more about what to eat with a sore throat and what to avoid, and be sure to check out our sample meal plan.

Food for Constipation Relief: 8 Recipes (& Options for Babies)

Updated in 03-29-2023

Recipes that contain food for constipation can be prepared at home using fruits like plums, figs, orange juice. It is also beneficial to use medicinal plants with laxative properties, like Senna or rhubarb. Learn more about the food for constipation you can eat, as well as options for babies.

Leptin: What Is It, Reference Ranges & Treating High Levels

Updated in 03-23-2023

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells and is related to appetite management. In some cases, like in patients with obesity, leptin levels can be high. Learn what leptin does in our body, what the normal levels should be and what high leptin levels can mean.