How to Get Rid of a Double Chin (Natural Solutions, Surgery & More)

Updated in June 2023

To get rid of a double chin, you should increase your consumption of collagen-rich foods, applying firming creams or undergo cosmetic treatments, like lipocavitation or radiofrequency. These are methods that can help reduce the appearance of a double chin non-surgically. 

A double chin forms as the result of accumulated fat tissue below the chin. This can occur due to genetic factors, poor dietary habits or excess wait. It can also be a consequence of flacid skin, which is common with aging or following significant weight loss. 

In addition to cosmetic treatments, another way to eliminate double chins is to undergo plastic surgery, with liposuction or a neck and face lift. This can help to completely eliminate a double chin, and may be recommended by a plastic surgeon when other methods are not effective. 

Non-surgical ways to get rid of a double chin

Some ways to reduce the appearance of a double chin include: 

1. Eating more collagen-rich foods

Eating collagen-rich foods can help to decrease the appearance of a double chin caused by skin flaccidity. It can prevent worsening that occurs with normal aging, as the collagen consumed can help to improve skin firmness and flaccidity. 

It is important to include foods that are high in collagen, like red meat, chicken, fish and gelatin, as well as foods that promote collagen production, like pineapple, lemon, oatmeal, watercress and whole grain rice. Learn more about collagen and when supplementation is necessary. 

2. Exercising regularly

Regularly performing aerobic exercise can help with weight loss and is considered one of the most efficient ways to lose weight throughout the body, including in the neck. Exercising can help to boost metabolism and increase energy expenditure to burn more calories.

Therefore, walking frequently, running, swimming and/or strength training, as recommended by a personal trainer, can help with weight loss and the reduction of a double chin. It can also help to maintain weight to prevent worsening of a double chin. 

3. Maintaining a healthy diet 

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet consists of prioritizing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, legumes and healthy fats. This type of diet can help with weight loss and fat burning, which can improve the appearance of a double chin. 

In addition, you should avoid eating excessive simple carbohydrates and processed foods, like cake, cookies, sausage, bacon, prosciutto, salami and mortadella. You should also reduce your salt intake and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Read more about what to eat and avoid with a weight loss diet, and check out our sample 3-day meal plan. 

4. Applying firming creams

Firming creams with a tensor effect are typically high in collagen, vitamins and elastin. They provide skin firmness and help to reduce flaccidity, making them a great option to help reduce a double chin. These creams should be massaged lightly into the skin every day, preferably at night, on clean and dry skin.

Ideally, you should look for creams with the following ingredients: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, dimethylaminoethanol lactate, vitamin E and matrixyl synthe.

You can also prepare natural face masks at home with avocado, peaches and rose water. These help to tone the skin, making it firmer and reducing flaccidity.

5. Undergoing cosmetic procedures

There are some non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can help to get rid of a double chin, such as: 

  • Radiofrequency: This technique helps to reduce localized fat, which help to make the skin firmer. It helps to release fat cells that have accumulated in one spot and increased blood circulation. Gel is applied to the chin and neck, and the radiofrequency wand is rubbed over the skin in circular motions. Results tend to be progressive and seen over time. 
  • Laser: Nd:YAG lasers and diode lasers are the most effective for eliminating fat beneath the chin. 
  • Deoxycholic acid: This acid is made from molecules that are naturally found in the body and help to make biliary acids. They act to destroy fat cells. Trained professionals inject this substance into the desired area to trigger an inflammatory reaction that helps to reduce fat and flaccidity. 
  • Mesotherapy: This consists of draining, lipolytic and firming infections, which are administered over 6 to 10 weekly sessions.  
  • Cryolipolysis: This is a cosmetic treatment that works by applying cold therapy to desired locations to crystalize fast cells in the area. It is then eliminated naturally through lymphatic circulation.
  • Lipocativation: This procedure is only advised for people with significantly large double chins. 

In addition to these treatments, you can also undergo lymphatic drainage on the face, which helps to eliminate fat cells and reduce chin swelling. 

Surgeries to get rid of a double chin

Some surgeries that can effectively eliminate a double chin include: A

1. Liposuction

Chin liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that involves the aspiration of fat cells through small incisions in the neck. It is often done in people who are over weight. 

This surgery is normally recommended for those who did not see improvement with the above methods. It is done in a hospital setting under general anesthesia.  

2. Neck lift

A neck lift is indicated for those who have a double chin caused by excess skin in the neck area (which can occur following massive weight loss or with normal aging). The surgery involves removal of the excess skin and repositioning of the neck muscles. 

A neck lift, in some case, can be done at the same time as a face lift to ensure a more harmonious and refined appearance. 

Neck lifts and liposuction are cosmetic surgeries associated with rapid recovery times (about 2 weeks). Following surgery, it is normal to experience some swelling and bruising within a few days. The doctor may advise a compression dressing on the face, as well as a lymphatic drainage in the first week post-op. 

Can certain exercises eliminate a double chin?

There are not enough studies available to prove the effect of specific exercises done on a double chin. These exercises may help to tone neck muscles, but not eliminate fat cells in the neck. 

There are no exercises that will target just a double chin or a specific part of the body, as fat cells tend to accumulate throughout the entire body. Ideally, you should perform total-body exercises to help lose weight in the general sense, which will help to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

How to disguise a double chin

In addition to the above cosmetic procedures and surgeries, you can also help to disguise a double chin by considering the following: 

  • Using makeup:  You should use a powder that is darker than your skin tone to accentuate your chin. You can apply eye makeup to give your eyes a larger appearance and to divert attention to your upper face. You should opt for lighter colored or neutral lipsticks. 
  • Keeping your hair at shoulder-length or longer: Hair that is longer than your chin can divert attention away from your chin and give your face an elongated appearance. 
  • Having a beard: Men can maintain a thick beard to help hide a double chin. 
  • Avoiding using necklaces: People with double chin should not use tight necklaces, as this can draw more attention to the neck. 
  • Keeping an upright posture: Keeping your back straight and your shoulders back and help to keep the neck muscles elongated and reduce the appearance of a double chin. 
  • Using v-neck tops: This helps to give the neck a longer appearance. 

Although these techniques will not get rid of a double chin, they can help to reduce its appearance.