22 Vitamin B6 Foods (plus Recommended Amount & Supplements)

Updated in February 2024

Foods rich in vitamin B6, such as lentils, bananas, spinach, salmon and peanuts, are essential for the optimal brain functioning and metabolism. This vitamin is essential for several metabolic reactions in the body, and for the development and maintenance of the central nervous system.

Foods rich in vitamin B6 also help to strengthen the immune system and balance homocysteine levels in the blood. This is an amino acid that, when elevated, can cause changes within the blood vessels. This can lead to the development of heart diseases like stroke, thrombosis or heart attack.

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is present in many foods and, therefore, cases of vitamin B6 deficiency are rare. However, the need for this vitamin may increase with some situations, such as pregnancy, alcohol abuse and autoimmune diseases, like Crohn's disease or rheumatoid arthritis. In these cases, a doctor or registered may recommend vitamin B6 supplementation.

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Food list

The following table outlines foods that naturally contains vitamin B6 and the amount that is present in 100 g of food:

Foods Amount of Vitamin B6 in 100 g of food
1. Cassava flour 0.8 mg
2. Watermelon 0.1 mg
3. Rw spinach 0.2 mg
4. Cooked lentils 0.2 mg
5. Fresh plums 0.03 mg
6. Cooked carrots 0.2 mg
7. Toasted peanuts with salt 0.5 mg
8. Avocado 0.3 mg
9. Brussel sprouts 0.2 mg
10. Cooked shrimp 0.1 mg
11. Grilled beef 0.2 mg
12. Baked potatoes 0.5 mg
13. Macademia nuts 0.3 mg
14. Walnuts 0.7 mg
15. Banana 0.3 mg
16. Hazelnuts 0.6 mg
17. Grilled salmon 0.2 mg
18. Wheat germ 1.4 mg
19. Grilled beef liver 1.4 mg
20. Chicken liver 0.8 mg
21. Sunflower seeds 0.5 mg
22. Cooked chicken 0.2 mg

In addition to these foods, vitamin B6 can also be found in foods such as grapes, rice, artichoke orange juice, yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower, cooked corn, milk, strawberries, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, black beans, cooked oats, pumpkin seed and cocoa.

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Recommended daily amount

The recommended daily amount of vitamin B6 is relatively low, and varies according to age, sex and stage of life. The vitamin B6 recommendation for men and women between 14 and 50 years old is 1.3 mg per day. For women who are pregnant, the recommended amount of this vitamin is 1.9 mg per day.

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Vitamin B6 supplements

Most people can obtain adequate amounts of vitamin B6 from their diet, however, in some cases, supplementation may be necessary.

Vitamin B6 is available as pyridoxine hydrochloride in some multivitamin supplements (like vitamin B complex supplements). This vitamin can also be found as a single vitamin B6 supplement. These can be prescribed as one 50 or 100 mg capsule per day, which should be consumed together with the main meals. It is essential that to speak to a doctor or registered dietitian before starting any supplements.