3 Home Remedies for Intestinal & Stomach Infection

Clinical review: Manuel Reis
Registered Nurse
May 2022

One of the best remedies for treatment of an intestinal infection is a homemade saline solution made with water, sugar and salt. This mixture helps to replenish minerals and water lost from diarrhea, which a common symptoms of an intestinal infection.

Although this homemade saline solution may not fully relieve symptoms, it can help to prevent dehydration to ensure that the body has all the minerals it needs to fight off the microorganisms causing the infection. This can result in a faster recovery.

In addition to this saline solution, there are other home remedies that can help to get rid of infections as well as relieve symptoms. Some options are:

1. Ginger root water

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Ginger root contains strong medicinal properties which can be used to get rid of bacterial infections or parasitic infections in the intestines. It works as both an antiviral and antibacterial agent that can help the body eliminate foreign invaders and fight off infection. It can also regulate the intestinal flow and relieve any inflammation of the intestinal lining. This can reduce pain and abdominal swelling.


  • 1 ginger root;
  • Honey;
  • 1 glass of mineral or filtered water.


Place 2 cm of the peeled and crushed ginger root in a blender, along with a few drops of honey and the water. Blend until well-combined and with a consistency. Then strain the mixture through a mesh sieve. You should drink this at least 3 times a day.

2. Peppermint tea

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Peppermint tea relieves inflammation and soothes any irritation of the intestinal walls, which makes it a great option for the treatment of an an intestinal infection. This tea also absorbs excess intestinal gas and has antispasmodic properties which can greatly relieve abdominal discomfort.

Many intestinal infections can cause gastric symptoms like nausea or vomiting, and peppermint tea is also known to soothe the stomach.


  • 6 leaves of fresh peppermint;
  • 1 cup of boiling water.


Place the leaves in the cup with boiling water and cover. Let the leaves soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then strain the infusion through a mesh sieve. You can drink this several times throughout the day.

3. Water with lemon juice

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Lemon juice is a great natural remedy to detox any impurities of the intestine and get rid of bacteria, fungus, viruses or parasites causing a stomach infection. Lemon juice also stimulates regular intestinal flow, which can relieve symptoms like abdominal pain, cramps, loss of appetite and diarrhea.


  • Half a lemon;
  • 1 glass of warm water.


Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of warm water and drink once a day, in the morning before breakfast.

What to do for a speedy recovery

During an intestinal infection, consider the following tips to speed-up your recovery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids (e.g. water, coconut water and natural fruit juices);
  • Stay at home to rest. Avoid going to work or school
  • Eat light meals with foods like fruits, boiled vegetables and lean meat;
  • Avoid hard-to-digest and greasy foods;
  • Avoid alcohol or sodas;
  • Don’t take medication to stop the diarrhea.

You should seek medical attention if the intestinal infection does not resolve within 2 days. Depending on the microorganism causing the infection and severity of your symptoms, admission to the hospital for intravenous antibiotic treatment may be necessary.

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Written and updated by Daisy Oliveira - Registered Nurse on May of 2022. Clinical review by Manuel Reis - Registered Nurse, on May of 2022.
Clinical review:
Manuel Reis
Registered Nurse
Manuel graduated in 2013 and is licensed to practice under the Ordem dos Enfermeiros de Portugal, with license #79026. He specializes in Advanced Clinical Phytotherapy.