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Frenulum breve and when is surgery necessary

A short frenulum, also know as frenulum breve, happens when the piece of skin that connects the foreskin to the glans is shorter than normal, creating too much tension when pulling the skin back or during an erection. This can cause the frenulum to break during more vigorous activities such as intimate contact, resulting in severe pain and bleeding.

Since this problem does not improve on its own over time, it is recommended you make an appointment with an urologist to evaluate the foreskin and have surgery, known as frenuloplasty, where the frenulum is cut to release the skin and decrease tension during erection.

Frenulum breve and when is surgery necessary

How to know if you have a short frenulum

In most cases it is easy to identify if the brake is shorter than normal as it is not possible to pull the skin completely over the glans without feeling slight pressure on the brake. However other signs that may indicate this problem include:

  • Pain or discomfort that hinders intimate contact;
  • Penis head folds down when skin is pulled back;
  • Gland skin cannot be completely pulled back.

This problem can often be confused with phimosis, however, if you have phimosis it is usually not possible to observe the whole frenulum. So, in cases of short frenulum it may not be possible to pull all the skin of the foreskin back, but it is usually possible to observe the entire frenulum.

However, if a frenulum breve or phimosis is suspected, it is recommended you see an urologist to initiate appropriate treatment, especially before starting active sex life, as it may prevent the onset of discomfort.

How to treat a short frenulum

Short penis brake treatment should always be recommended by a urologist, as different techniques such as betamethasone ointments or skin stretching exercises can be used according to the degree of brake stress. However, the form of treatment used in almost all cases is surgery to cut the brake and decrease tension.

How is surgery done

Surgery to treat a short frenulum, also known as frenuloplasty, is a very simple and rapid form of treatment that can be done at the urologist or plastic surgeon's office, using only local anesthesia. Usually, the technique takes about 30 minutes and the man can return home shortly after surgery.

After surgery, the healing process takes about 2 weeks, and during the same period, it is recommended you avoid having sex and entering swimming pools or sea to facilitate healing and prevent local infections.

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