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Main causes and how to avoid constant headache

A constant headache in the forehead or across the front of the head is often related to a migraine. In this case, the pain is throbbing or pulsatile and can last up to 3 days and is usually difficult to resolve.

Constant headache and dizziness can be symptoms of high blood pressure or pregnancy. Although constant headaches only on the left or right side can be a migraine or something very specific that should be evaluated by the doctor.

Main causes and how to avoid constant headache

Main causes

Constant headaches can be caused by various factors, like fatigue, stress, worry and anxiety. Headaches localized on the forehead can be associated to other health issues or situations, for example:

1. Heat

Excessive heat can result in slight dehydration, which promotes dilation of the blood vessels, including those in the head, resulting in a headache.

2. Vision problems

Vision problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness and myopia, for example, can cause headaches, especially in children, because it causes the person to force her eyesight to see things better.

3. Stress or anxiety 

In situations of stress or anxiety, a person is often unable to sleep properly and has an active mind, which impairs concentration in some situations. A tired body and mind favor headache, which can be interpreted as an attempt by the body to relax.

4. Diet

In some people, the consumption of stimulant foods such as coffee, soft drinks and chocolate, for example, can result in headache. On the other hand, when the person does not eat, that is, is fasting, can also result in constant headache, since there is hypoglycaemia.

5. Diseases

Some health problems such as colds, rhinitis and sinusitis, for example, may have as a clinical manifestation constant headaches that usually go away as the disease is resolved.

6. Bruxism

Bruxism is an involuntary act of tightening or scraping the teeth at night, which can alter the positioning of the jaw joint and cause a headache during the whole day.

7. Hormonal changes

Changes in hormone concentration in the blood, especially during PMS and pregnancy, can also cause headache.

Main causes and how to avoid constant headache

How to relieve constant headaches

To relieve the headache that occur all day, one option is to perform a head massage. In addition to a massage, other strategies can be chosen to relieve daily headaches such as:

  • Place an ice pack on your head, forehead or neck as the constriction of the cerebral blood vessels relieve the headache.
  • Stay in a quiet and calm place, out of the light to get some rest;
  • Drink a glass of fresh water with lemon drops to rehydrate the body;
  • Avoid staying in the sun for more than 1 hour, even with a hat and sunglasses;
  • Take a painkiller for the headache like Paracetamol, for example;
  • Take a glass of natural orange juice with seeds several times a day, as it is scientifically proven that this juice is effective in fighting headaches;
  • Walking barefoot on the grass, for example.
  • Take cinnamon tea to speed up your period if the cause of the headache is PMS.

Whatever the cause of the headache, the use of painkillers for more than 3 days is discouraged as it can make the headache worse.

When to go to the doctor

It is recommended to go to the general practitioner or neurologist when there is a headache every day for more than 5 days. It is important to evaluate if there are other symptoms involved such as vision changes or loss of balance, for example.

The doctor can ask a lot of questions about your general health and ask for tests to identify the cause of the headache or if it corresponds to a migraine, for example, and can advise the best treatment to relieve and solve the headache. Check out 5 ways to relieve headaches without medication.

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