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What not to eat after getting a tattoo

The foods that should be avoided after getting a tattoo are those known as unhealthy foods, which are those that have high content in fat and sugar and, therefore can cause skin inflammation, interfering with the healing process. Some examples are sausage and ham. 

So, it is important after doing a tattoo to follow a balanced diet, so that your body receives vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the healing process, because it can boost your immune system allowing the tattoo to heal faster.

What not to eat after getting a tattoo

List of unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foods are those rich in hydrogenated fats, refined oils, sugars and salt, such as:

  1. Ready-made juices and sodas;
  2. Fried foods, such as chips, pastries and other savory foods, fast food;
  3. Pork and processed meats such as sausage, ham, bacon, mortadella and salami;
  4. Sweets, stuffed biscuits, cakes, ready-made cakes, chocolates, cereal bars;
  5. Instant noodles, cube broths, frozen meals ready to eat, ice cream;
  6. Alcoholic beverages.

Excessive consumption of these foods increase inflammation and hinders the skins healing process, and can also lead to other health problems such as headaches, high cholesterol and diabetes. Ideally, these foods should not be eaten, and should not be consumed for at least 1 week after a surgery, piercing or tattoo, for example.

What not to eat after doing a tattoo

You should follow the recommendations after doing a tattoo, because the process of doing a tattoo is characterized by multiple small lesions on the skin and, if you are not careful, can result in a very serious inflammatory process.

It can also leave you feeling weak, therefore, it is important to avoid the consumption of fatty foods, pork, seafood, chocolate and alcoholic beverages at least 1 week after doing the tattoo, because these foods can increase the probability of you developing an inflammatory process.

What not to eat after getting a tattoo

What to eat to speed healing

To accelerate the healing process of the skin, you should consume foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, such as omega-3. Among the most antioxidant foods are: tomatoes, red fruits, citrus fruits like orange and acerola, and herbs such as garlic, onion and saffron.

Anti-inflammatory foods are those rich in good fats such as nuts, avocados, salmon, tuna, sardines, olive oil, peanuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, and sesame. In addition, taking 1 to 2 cups of anti-inflammatory teas can also help in the healing process, and you may use herbs like chamomile, ginger and rosemary.

What not to eat after getting a tattoo

Cautions to have with a tattoo

In addition to having some cautions with the food you eat to ensure proper skin renewal due to the tattoo, you also need to take other cautions like washing the region with antiseptic soap for at least 2 weeks, avoid sunbathing and not going to the sea or a pool for at least 2 months, otherwise the skin where the tattoo was done may become irritated and an inflammation may develop.

Finally, you should do the tattoo in a reliable place, that is certified and in which the material used during the procedure is totally sterilized, as this is essential to avoid the transmission of diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.

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