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Home remedy for vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge can be treated naturally with the use of guava leaf tea and by following a proper diet which can help vaginal flora to return to normal. However, if the discharge persists even after 3 days of home treatment, it is advised you go to a gynecologist.

In addition, during home treatment for vaginal discharge, condoms should be used in all sex to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Home remedy for vaginal discharge

1. Guava tea for vaginal discharge

A great home remedy to stop yellow-greenish vaginal discharge with bad smell or white milk-like curd discharge, are the guava leaves, known by the scientific name Psidium guajava L.


  • 30 g guava leaves
  • 1 liter of water

Preparation method

Boil the water and turn off the heat. Then add the herb and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Then strain and take a shower with this tea, carefully washing the entire genital region. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times a day.

The seat bath made with guava leaves is effective in treating vaginal discharge caused by Trichomoniasis and Candidiasis. In addition, the home remedy is safe and does not cause side effects, and is completely safe.

2. Guava and sweet broom tea


  • 1 handful of guava leaves 
  • 1 handful of sweet broom leaves
  • 2 glasses of water

Preparation method

Put the guava and sweet broom leaves in a bowl and add boiling water. Cover, let cool and strain.

Do your usual hygiene and, when you are finished, wash the region with the infusion for a few minutes. Wipe clean with a soft cloth. You should repeat the lavage every day before going to bed for 1 week.

Foods that help fight vaginal discharge

In addition to the use of the seat bath, having a healthy diet can help in the treatment of vaginal discharge. You should invest in foods such as fruits, vegetables, natural yogurt, chicory, cabbage, lemon, melon or pomegranate, for example, avoiding the maximum consumption of processed foods.

This type of foods alter your blood and female intimate region pH, facilitating the rebalancing of your vaginal flora. However, if the discharge persists for more than 3 days, even with home treatments, a medical appointment is recommended.

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