Height Calculator: How Tall Will Your Child Be?

Many parents are curious to know how tall their children will be.

Therefore, we created this online calculator to determine the estimated height of children when they become adults. It is calculated using the parent’s heights and takes the child’s sex into consideration. 

Insert your data below to calculate the estimated height of your son or daughter at adulthood:


How is estimated height calculated? 

This calculator was created using formulas that determine the target height by using the parents’s height. The child’s sex also plays a role at predicting height. 

  • For girls: The mothers’s height (in cm) is added to the father’s height (in cm), being sure to subtract 13 cm from the father’s height first. The sum of these two values is then divided by two. 
  • For boys: 13 cm are added to the father’s height (in cm), and this sum is then added to the mother’s height. The total of these two combined values is then divided by two.

Noting that there are many factors that can affect the rate at which each child grows, height predictions are communicated as a range, with 5 cm of variation (either 5cm more or less than the calculated value). 

For example: To calculate the height of a baby girl, you must first know the parents’ heights. If the mother’s height is 160 cm and the father is 173 cm, the calculation would be 160 + (173-13)/2 = 160 cm. This means the baby girl’s height is predicted to be between 155 to 165 cm.

Is this result accurate?

This formula is based on an average pattern that represents the majority of cases. However, there are many factors that can affect how a child grows, and it is possible for children to achieve a different height than calculated by adulthood. 

What can affect the predicted height? 

Most children will grow at the following rhythm: 

Phase Boys Girls
Birth to first year 25 cm per year 25 cm per year
One to three years old 12.5 cm per year 12.5 cm per year
Three to eighteen years old 8 to 10 cm per year 10 to 12 cm per year

Although there are many tools to track the child’s growth, many factors can affect development, such as:

  • Nutrition 
  • Chronic illnesses 
  • Sleep pattern 
  • Activity level

Each child’s genetics are another important factor, which target height formulas like this one take into account.