8 Early Signs of Pregnancy: Before a Missed Period

Before a missed period, it’s possible to have a few symptoms that are early pregnancy signs, such as painful breasts, nausea, cramps or light abdominal pain, and excessive tiredness without an obvious cause. However, these symptoms may also show that your period is almost coming.

To check whether the symptoms are in fact indicators of pregnancy, it is important for you to go to a gynecologist and do urine and blood tests to identify whether she has the pregnancy hormone beta-hCG.

8 Early Signs of Pregnancy: Before a Missed Period

Some of the following symptoms may appear before a late period and can be signs of pregnancy:

  1. Breast pain;
  2. Darkening areolas;
  3. Pink vaginal discharge;
  4. Swelling and abdominal pain;
  5. Excessive tiredness for no obvious reason;
  6. Increased need to urinate;
  7. Constipation;
  8. Nausea

These symptoms can also happen before a period, so they are not definite pregnancy signs. If these symptoms appear, the best thing to do is to wait for the missed period and then do a pregnancy test.

How to know if you are pregnant 

In order for you to be more certain that the symptoms you have mean that you are pregnant, it’s important to pay attention to your ovulation, as then you will be able to check the probability of having had ovulation and fertilization by the sperm. 

In addition, to know if your symptoms are pregnancy-related, it’s important that you visit a gynecologist and do tests that identify the beta-HCG hormone, as HCG levels are higher in pregnancy.

You can also do a pregnancy test you can buy at a drugstore, but be sure to only do it from the first day after the period is late, through a urine sample. If the result is negative but you keep having pregnancy symptoms, we recommend that you do the test again after three and five days, as different pregnancy tests have different levels of sensitivity.

Usually, a doctor will recommend a blood test to confirm a pregnancy, as it can indicate whether the woman is pregnant and what pregnancy week she is on, according to the beta-HCG levels that circulate in the blood. This test can be done 12 days after the fertile period, even before the period comes.

To find out what the fertile period is, and thus know when it is possible to do a blood test, just insert the data in the calculator below:

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