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Best Syrups for dry cough and coughs with mucus

The syrups used to treat a cough should be adapted to the type of cough you present, as it may be dry or with phlegm and the use of the wrong syrup may compromise treatment.

Generally, dry cough syrups work by soothing the throat or inhibiting the cough reflex and the cough syrup with catarrh acts by fluidizing the secretions, thereby facilitating its elimination by treating the cough more quickly.

These medications should only be taken after a doctor's appointment because the cause of the cough must be taken into account to see if it is necessary to take other medication to treat the cause and not just the symptom. Babies and children should only take cough syrups under the advice of their pediatrician.

Best Syrups for dry cough and coughs with mucus

Dry cough and allergic cough syrups

The syrup should reduce dry and irritating cough until completely eliminated. Some examples are:

  • Benylin;
  • Robitussin;
  • Vicks Cough Syrup, although this one can also be used when there is mucus;

For babies and infants: Benylin Pediatric syrup, from the age of 3 or Robitussin Pediatric Cough, from the age of 2.

If the dry cough lasts for more than 2 weeks and the reason is not known, it is recommended that the individual go to the doctor because it may be a symptom of allergy and may require the use of some antihistamine medication to cure it.

Syrups for cough with mucus

The syrup should dissolve and facilitate phlegm elimination, making it thinner and easier to expectorate. Some examples of syrups are:

  • Lempsip;
  • Mucosolvan;
  • Covonia Catarrh relief;

For babies and children: Bisolvon pediatric, from 2 years, Mucosolvan pediatric from the age of 2 or Vick Children's NyQuil, from the age of 6.

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