Sugar Scrubs (and Other Natural Exfoliant Recipes to Make at Home)

Sugar scrubs and other natural exfoliants improve the skin's texture, leaving it softer, velvety and smooth. They can be made with sugar, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and lavender.

Exfoliating the body is important for removing dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin. It can improve hydration and help other ingredients to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. They an also stimulate circulation and oxygenation of the skin.

For sugar scrubs to have their desired effect, it is recommended that you exfoliate once or twice a week, and to be sure to take care of the skin before and after exfoliation. You should wash the body with warm water and mild soap, as well as moisturize the skin regularly and use sunscreen as appropriate.

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Natural exfoliants

Some ways to make sugar scrubs ad other exfoliants include:

1. Sugar and sweet almond oil scrub

An excellent homemade sugar scrub is made with a mixture of sugar and sweet almond oil. This scrub contains vitamins that leave the skin looking healthy and smooth, and is efficient in removing dead skin cells. It is a great option for people with dry skin. 


  • 1 cup sugar
  • ½ cup sweet almond oil


Mix the ingredients in a clean, dry container until the mixture is well-combined. Then apply the scrub to the body using light, circular movements for 10 minutes. Finally, rinse the scrub off with warm water and mild soap to remove any residue and dry with a soft towel. 

2. Salt, lavender and sweet almond oil scrub

A salt and lavender scrub helps to remove the dead skin cells in the first layer of the skin. It also helps to promote relaxation.


  • 1 cup coarse salt
  • ½ cup sweet almond oil
  • 3 tablespoons of lavender flowers


Mix the ingredients in a bowl until well-combined. Then apply the scrub in a circular motion for 3 to 5 minutes and then wash off with warm water and mild soap. 

3. Sugar and coconut oil scrub

As well as helping to cleanse the skin, this scrub is also an excellent moisturizer, as the coconut oil moisturizes and absorbs water, keeping the skin soft for longer.


  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 cup sugar


Mix the coconut oil and sugar in a clean, dry container. Then apply the scrub all over the body, in circular movements for 10 minutes, paying attention to the driest areas. Then rinse from the body using warm water and neutral soap.

4. Green clay and chamomile scrub

This scrub is ideal for moisturizing and eliminating dead skin cells in the first layer of the skin. It also revitalizes and tones the skin to help refresh it.


  • 2 tablespoons of green clay
  • 1 cup of iced chamomile tea


Mix the ingredients until you have a homogeneous mixture. Apply the mask all over the body and leave it on for about 20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water during the shower, using circular movements with your fingertips. 

5. Coffee scrub

Coffee has antioxidant, emollient and moisturizing properties that help to remove impurities from the skin and reduce oiliness.


  • ½ cup warm water;
  • 3 tablespoons of coffee powder or coffee grounds.


Mix the ingredients until you achieve a homogeneous paste. Apply to the body in circular movements for 10 minutes. Then rinse with cold or lukewarm water to remove all the product. 

Care before and after exfoliating

There are certain precautions that you should take to promote the efficacy of these sugar scrubs. Taking extra steps also helps to maintain the integrity of the skin after treatment. Some recommendations are:

  • Perform an allergy test before exfoliating by applying a small amount of the sugar scrub on the back of your hand. Wait 15 minutes. If the skin becomes red or irritated, do not use the sugar scrub;
  • Dry the skin lightly with a soft towel without rubbing with excess force so that you do not damage the skin.
  • Keep the skin moisturized to maintain not only the integrity of the skin, but also to avoid possible cracks after exfoliation. 
  • Use sunscreen once a day all over the body, especially after exfoliation, to avoid possible blemishes.
  • Avoid using very hot water when removing the scrub to prevent irritating the skin.
  • Apply the sugar scrub using gentle, circular movements, especially over sensitive areas like the groin and armpits.

It is essential to pay attention to side effects like itching, irritation or redness, especially if these persist for over 3 days. In these cases, it is recommended to see a dermatologist, who can advise the best treatment for each skin type.