Baby Gender Predictor: 11 Fun & Popular Methods to Try

Updated in October 2022

There are some fun ways that can help to predict the gender of a pregnant woman’s baby without specific medical tests or waiting until the 20 week anatomy scan. 

The following tests are based on popular belief and are not always accurate, which is why they have not been confirmed through scientific studies. 

The best way to know the sex of a baby is to wait for an anatomy scan during the second trimester. You can also complete a prenatal screening blood test which can also reveal the baby’s gender. 


Pregnant with a boy

Pregnant with a girl

1. Belly shape

More oval belly, similar to an egg

Round belly, similar to a watermelon

2. Diet

Desire to eat salty food 

Desire to eat sweet food 

3. Linea nigra 

The linea nigra reaches the stomach 

The linea nigra reaches the belly button 

4. Nausea

Minimal morning sickness 

Frequent morning sickness 

5. Skin

Improvement in overall skin

Oily skin with more pimples 

6. Face shape

The face appears thinner than before getting pregnant 

The face appears fuller during pregnancy

7. Another child

Forming a close bond with another young girl

Forming a close bond with another young boy 

8. Cravings

Eating an entire loaf of bread

Eating the loaf of bread, but avoiding the ends 

9. Dreams

Dreaming about having a girl 

Dreaming about having a boy 

10. Hair

Softer and shinier 

Dryer and dull

11. Nose

No swelling

Becomes swollen

Another gender test: needle and thread 

This test consists of hanging a needle and thread over the pregnant belly and watching how the needle moves to predict the baby’s sex. 


The pregnant woman should lie on her back with her belly up. Thread the needle, and then hang the needle by the string over the belly (as if it were a pendulum), being sure not to move your hand. The needle may or may not start to move on its own, which may predict the baby’s gender. 

The possible results are as follows:

  • Girl: The hanging needle will start to move in circles over the belly. 
  • Boy: The hanging needle will either stay still over the belly or move vertically or horizontally.

It is important to note that the predictions in the table as well as the one to come from the needle and thread experiment are not supported by science. For women to accurately know the gender of their babies, they are advised to complete an ultrasound after 20 weeks gestation or through a fetal blood test. 

How to accurately confirm the baby’s gender

To know the sex of the baby, there are 2 tests available: 

  • Ultrasound: This imaging test is indicated after 20 weeks of gestation. Also known as the anatomy scan, it can be very accurate in visualizing the baby’s genitals and identifying the gender.
  • Blood test: The prenatal fetal screening blood test can be done after 8 weeks gestation and looks at the baby’s chromosomes to accurately predict gender. 

The Chinese gender table is also a fun way to predict the baby’s gender. It is based on popular belief and is not rooted in scientific evidence.