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What to eat when your blood pressure is low

Those who have low blood pressure should have a normal, healthy and balanced diet. Higher salt intake is not recommended and does not treat low blood pressure, but people who suffer from drowsiness, dry mouth, tiredness, or frequent dizziness from low blood pressure may experience:

  1. Eat a little bit of bitter chocolate after lunch, as it has theobromine, which is a substance that improves heart rate and fights low blood pressure;
  2. Always have a biscuit of salt and water, skimmed milk powder or a cooked egg, which you can be eaten as a snack, for example;
  3. Drink green, matte or black tea all day because it has theine, a substance that helps to keep your blood pressure controlled;
  4. Drink a glass of orange juice if your blood pressure drops suddenly.

Also, it is important to always have breakfast, which should include a natural orange juice and a coffee to help increase pressure and improve low blood pressure symptoms such as dizziness and although each person responds in a different way to these, they generally improve the sense of well-being.

What to eat when your blood pressure is low

What to do to improve a sudden blood pressure drop

When your blood pressure becomes low suddenly, in the street or at home, due to a very hot day, for example, the most important thing is to lie down with your belly up, your legs elevated and, after you improve, you should drink a little natural orange juice, soda with caffeine or coffee. However, if you continue to feel faint, you should avoid giving any type of drink or food, as it can cause choking.

Usually after 5 or 10 minutes the symptoms improve, but it is important to measure your blood pressure approximately 30 minutes after going awry to check if the pressure has increased and is within acceptable values, which should be at least 90 mmHg x 60 mmHg, which although is lower than normal, does not cause discomfort.

Learn more about what to do when your blood pressure suddenly becomes low.

List of foods that help low blood pressure

The foods that can help low blood pressure contain salt. Here are some examples:

FoodsAmount of salt (sodium) for 100 g
Raw, salted cod fish22.180 mg
Cream cracker854 mg
Corn cereal655 mg
French bread648 mg
Skimmed powered milk432 mg
Egg168 mg
Yogurt52 mg
Melon11 mg
Raw beet10 mg

The recommended daily dose of salt per day is approximately 1500 mg and this amount is easily ingested through foods that already have salt in their composition, so it is not necessary to add salt to foods when they are cooked.

When to go to the doctor

Generally, low blood pressure does not cause any symptoms or health issue and therefore normally no medical treatment is required. However, it is recommended you go to the emergency room if your blood pressure drops suddenly or symptoms appear such as:

  • Fainting that does not improve during 5 minutes;
  • Presence of severe chest pain;
  • Fever above 38 ° C;
  • Irregular heartbeat;
  • Difficulty breathing.

In these cases, the change in blood pressure may be caused by serious problems such as a heart attack or stroke, so it is very important to go to the emergency room quickly or call for medical help by calling 911.

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