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What to eat to regulate the thyroid

To regulate the thyroid, it is important to have a diet rich in iodine, selenium and zinc, because these are important nutrients that help the gland function properly and can be found in foods such as fish, seafood and Brazilian nuts.

In addition, it is important to remember that the primary means of treatment for thyroid disease is the use of specific medication indicated by the doctor to control the symptoms.

What to eat to regulate the thyroid

Good foods for the thyroid

The most important nutrients and foods to regulate the thyroid naturally, being useful both in cases of hypothyroidism and in cases of hyperthyroidism, are:

  • Iodine: sea fish, all seaweed, shrimp, egg.
  • Zinc: oysters, meat, pumpkin seeds, beans, almonds, peanuts;
  • Selenium: Brazilian nuts, wheat flour, bread, egg;
  • Omega-3: avocado, linseed oil and high-fat fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna;

These nutrients can help in the formation of thyroid hormones and help how they act in the body, keeping your metabolism balanced. It is also important to remember that in Brazil cooking salt receives addition of iodine, a measure used to prevent thyroid problems, such as goiter.

Foods that may harm the thyroid 

Soy and its derivatives, such as milk and tofu, are the main foods that can contribute to the deregulation of thyroid hormones. However, this risk is greater for people with a family history of problems in this gland, who do not consume iodine properly or who have a diet rich in refined carbohydrates, such as sweets, pasta, breads and cakes.

In addition, people who already take thyroid medications should avoid consuming foods rich in calcium, such as milk, dairy products and iron supplements, as they may decrease the effect of the medication. So the best option is to take the medicine at least 2 hours before or after meals.

Other foods that harm the thyroid are vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cabbage and spinach because they contain glucosinolates and therefore should not be consumed in raw form daily. However when they are cooked, stewed or sauteed it is possible to consume these vegetables normally.

Those who have a thyroid disorder should also reduce their consumption of sugar and foods such as processed bread and cake, for example that are rich in sugars, yeasts and additives because these can also disrupt your metabolism and decrease the production of thyroid hormones.

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