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What to eat if you have diabetes

It is important to know what to eat in diabetes so you can keep the blood sugar rate constant, avoiding hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

This way, in diabetes it is recommended to eat high-fiber foods at all meals, as these foods help control blood sugar concentration and avoid fat and sugar-rich foods as much as they increase blood sugar levels and consequently, worsen diabetes. Before exercising, it is also important to eat so that the sugar does not lower too much.

Foods that should be ingested
Foods that should be ingested
Fruits that should be ingested
Fruits that should be ingested

The following table guides the diabetes patient about foods that should be eaten and avoided:

What to eat What not to eatWhat to avoid

Fried foods, such as patties, thigh, pie, breaded steak, fried egg, French fries

Roast snacks, with puff pastry, white rice and potatoes
Fruits, like apple, pear, orange, grape, watermelon, melon; always with peelFruits, like dates, figs, coconutCanned fruits, such as fig and peach in syrup, jams
Whole-grain cereal, such as muesli, linseeds, chia

Vegetable fat, sweets in general, sweet popcorn

Salty popcorn
Lean meats, like chicken, fish, rabbit and seafoods

Sausages, such as bacon, salami, mortadella, ham, lard

Pork meat

Complex carbohydrates such as whole-grain bread, cake or biscuits

Simple carbohydrates like cake, French bread type white bread, sweet biscuit, biscuits with feeling

sweets and jelly
Sweetener SteviaSugar, honey, brown sugar, molasses, cane juice

Sweeteners with aspartame, such as Zero lime, for example

White cheese, cottage cheeseMilk cream, butter, yellow cheeseCottage cheese, cream cheese, like Philadelphia
Water, natural fruit juice

Alcoholic beverages, processed juices and soft drinks

Juices and diet soda
Milk and skimmed yogurtMilk and whole-grain yogurtGreek yogurt

It is very important that the diabetic understands that just because a food is allowed does not mean they can exaggerate on the dose. Ideally, you should eat small portions of food and eat at the same time, avoiding too much time without eating anything.

The fruits allowed in diabetes should not be consumed in isolation, but should be accompanied with other foods and preferably at the end of a main meal, such as lunch or dinner, always in small portions that correspond to about 100 g of fruit.

Can diabetics eat sweets?

You can not eat sweets in diabetes because they contain large amounts of sugar, which causes glucose levels to rise and diabetes to become uncontrolled, increasing the risk of scarring, blindness and heart problems, for example. However, one time or another one can eat a diet sweet.

What to eat to lower diabetes

To lower diabetes it is recommended you eat high-fiber foods at all meals and eat every 3 hours. Also, it is important to check your blood glucose daily and take the medicine as directed by your doctor.


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