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What gender prediction tests can you do at home

Updated in August 2019

The best way to know the sex of the baby is to wait until about 20 weeks of gestation and do an ultrasound to observe the genital region of the fetus. Another option is to have a blood test for fetal sexing, which can be done from 8 weeks of pregnancy.

However, there are other tests to know the gender of the baby before ultrasound. Some are homemade and have no scientific backing, but there is also a pharmacy test, which is very similar to the pregnancy test, which uses urine to identify the sex of the baby.

1. Pharmacy test

What gender prediction tests can you do at home

The pharmacy test for gender can be done at home and is similar to the pregnancy test because it measures the amount of hormones in a woman's urine. This test is called Intelligender and can be purchased at some pharmacies and also over the internet.

Although not fully effective because it is 90% accurate, this test can be performed from the 10 th week of pregnancy onwards, and the result may be wrong, especially if the woman is pregnant with twins, has taken progesterone, has a polycystic ovary syndrome or had sex within 48 hours of the test.

2. Needle or ring test

This test consists of using a threaded needle or wedding band tied at the end of a hair over the pregnant woman's belly and observing the movement of the needle to find out if it is a boy or a girl.

To perform the test, the pregnant woman should lie on her back and hold the thread, leaving the needle or ring hanging over her belly, like a pendulum, without any movement. Then observe the movement of the needle on the pregnant belly and interpret according to the results below.

Spinning Needle - Girl
Spinning Needle - Girl
Needle that stays in the same position or moves back and forth - boy
Needle that stays in the same position or moves back and forth - boy

To know the sex of the baby you must evaluate the movement of the needle. So the sex of the baby is:

  • Girl: when the needle or wedding ring is spinning in a circle;
  • Boy: When the needle or wedding ring is standing still over the belly or going back and forth.

But beware, because this test is not scientifically based, so the best way to find out the sex of the baby is to do the ultrasound after 20 weeks of pregnancy or a blood test to determine the fetal gender.

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