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Ways to relieve knee Pain

Knee pain should pass completely in 3 days, but if it still bothers a lot and limits movement, it is important to see an orthopedist to treat the cause of pain correctly.

Knee pain can have several causes ranging from sprain to ligament or meniscal injury, which may indicate the need for clinical treatment, physical therapy, and even surgery. Check the main causes of knee pain and what to do in each situation.

Ways to relieve knee Pain

However, it is possible to relieve knee pain while waiting for the medical appointment with the following steps:

1. Put Ice

Apply ice packs can be applied for about 15 minutes, being careful not to leave the ice in direct contact with the skin to avoid the risk of burning the skin. There is no need to leave the ice for more than 15 minutes because it has no effect. It can be used 2-3 times a day at different times, such as in the morning, afternoon and evening. Ice can also be used to reduce swelling, achieving optimal results.

2. Do a massage

It is also recommended to do a knee massage using a gel or anti-inflammatory ointments that is purchased at the pharmacy, such as cataflan, relmon gel or calminex. The massage should be done until the product is completely absorbed by the skin. Pain relief can go up to 3 hours, so you can apply these products 3-4 times a day.

3. Wear a knee brace

Placing a knee brace can also be helpful in sparing the joint, giving greater stability and balance between the forces. This can be worn after bathing and kept throughout the day, being taken only for sleep. It is important that the knee brace is held tight to the skin so that it has the expected effect, wearing a wide knee brace may not have any benefit.

4. Postural drainage

In addition, postural drainage is also recommended if the knee is swollen. To do this simply lie on your bed or on your sofa, keeping your legs higher than the trunk of your body, placing a cushion under your feet and knees to feel more comfortable.

5. Do some stretching exercises

Stretching exercises can also help decrease knee pain by gently stretching the aching knee leg, folding the leg back without pushing hard, leaning against a chair to keep from falling.

When to go to the Doctor

It is recommended to go to the orthopedist when knee pain does not improve in 3 days with these tips or gets worse over time. In this cases, the doctor can examine the knee and find out the cause by using diagnostic tests such as x-ray or MRI.

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