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Treatment for Pinworm: medication and home treatment

Pinworm infections are also known as enterobiasis or oxyuriasis. So the treatment for this type of intestinal worm, should be guided by your general practitioner if you are an adult or a pediatrician if it is a child, but the treatment usually consists in taking oral medication.

Pinworm infestation is common among children attending the same nursery, or even among siblings, since it is a contagious infection. Therefore, all the members of the family should take medication, even if they do not present symptoms.

Treatment for Pinworm: medication and home treatment

Most used medication for Pinworm

The remedies that are usually indicated by your doctor and that seem to have greater action against oxyuriasis are:

  • Albendazole;
  • Mebendazole;
  • Pyantel pamoate.

Although these medications can be bought without a prescription in the pharmacy, they should only be used under the indication of your doctor because the symptoms can be caused by other types of worms that must be treated with other types of more specific medications. See the Oxyuriasis symptoms.

How to Speed up the Treatment

To speed up the treatment and ensure cure of the pinworm infestation it is recommended you follow the cautions below:

  • Pass an ointment for oxyuriasis, such as Thiabendazole, for 5 days to eliminate external worms and relieve itching;
  • Wash your sheets, underwear and pajamas frequently in water with a temperature above 60ºC;
  • Change your underwear daily;
  • Clean your toilet daily, especially after being used by anyone who is infected

In addition, dirty toilet paper should be thrown into the toilet, flushed immediately afterwards, and your hands should be washed well, as egg removal in the stools continues to occur within one week of taking the medication.

Natural Treatment Option

A great natural treatment to complement the medical treatment in eliminating oxyuriasis is garlic tea. For this, it is necessary to boil 3 large cloves of garlic with 1 cup of water, for 10 minutes. You should then strain and drink it warm 3 times a day for 3 weeks.

Signs of Improvement

Signs of improvement appear about 2 days after starting treatment and include the elimination of worms in your stools, reducing the itching, relief of intestinal gas, and increased appetite.

​Signs that is it is becoming Worse

The signs that can indicate the infestation is getting worse include loss of appetite, pain in your belly, abdominal swelling, increased intestinal gas and weight loss.

Possible complications

The complications of pinworm infection arise when treatment is not done properly and may include weight loss due to malabsorption of nutrients, and infection of the genital region, especially in women.

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