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8 Great tips to gain muscle mass

To gain muscle mass, you should do bodybuilding exercises in the gym, following the coach's guidelines and a protein-rich diet. It is also important you give your muscles time to rest so that they can grow.

Rest is important because during exercising the muscle fibers become injured and send a signal to the body that indicates the need for muscle recovery, whereas adequate nutrition will provide the necessary nutrients so that the diameter of the muscle fibers can increase and it is during the period you rest that the muscles can recover and have time to develop.

Começar o treino pela musculação
Começar o treino pela musculação

The 8 great tips to gain muscle mass fast and effectively are:

1. Do each exercise slowly

Bodybuilding exercises should be performed slowly so that you feel all the muscle movement, work all of the muscle fibers and avoid making compensations that may make the exercise easier.

2. Do not stop the exercise as soon as you start feeling pain

When exercising you should avoid stopping when you begin to feel pain, because that is when the muscle begins to "burn" the white fibers, which are the short fibers, that lead to hypertrophy.

3. Exercises 3 to 5 times a week

You should exercise about 3 to 5 times a week, this is because the same muscle group should only be exercised 1 to 2 times a week.

4. Eat foods rich in proteins

Eating protein rich foods daily and in every meal is important for a faster recovery, especially after exercising. See what type of diet to follow to gain muscle mass.

5. Start with bodybuilding

While exercising you should start with bodybuilding exercises and only after that should you do aerobic exercises, because this way there is more willingness to demand the maximum of each muscle.

6. Review your exercise series every 4 or 5 weeks

The series should be reviewed every 4 to 5 weeks by changing or adding some exercises to increase intensity and create more challenges.

7. Each exercise should be performed using 65% of the maximum load

The exercises should be performed using about 65% of the maximum load that can be done with a single repetition. For example, if you can only lift a 30 kg (around 65 lbs) weight with the thigh extension machine, you should exercise using a weight of about 20 kg (around 45 lbs) and then increase progressively.

8. When the desired goal is achieved, you should not stop

Once you have achieved your desired muscle mass you should not stop exercising, in order not to lose the mass gained. Generally, the loss of muscle mass can be observed if you go without exercising during about 15 days.

You can see the first results of the gym with about 3 months of regular bodybuilding exercises and, within 6 months of exercising, you can notice a good difference in growth and muscle definition. However, cardiac conditioning can be noticed as early as the first month.

In addition, protein supplements or Creatine are a great choice that may help in gaining muscle mass, however these supplements should only be taken as directed by a doctor or nutritionist.

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