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10 Tips to eliminate back pain

Back pain can be caused by fatigue, stress or trauma. Some simple measures that relieve back pain are resting and mobilizing the muscles to improve blood circulation and promote well-being.

See 10 simple tips to eliminate back pain that can be followed step by step.

1. Relax

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

One way to relax is to lie on your side or sit so that your back is completely leaning on the chair and stay in this position for a few minutes. It is also important to avoid being in the same position for a long time, whether it is sitting, lying or standing. By staying in a more comfortable position, you can breathe better and your muscle fibers can become looser, which may relieve back pain.

2. Use heat

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

To alleviate back pain, you can apply a warm patch on the region where you feel pain and let it stay there for about 20 minutes.

3. Massage

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

A good way to relieve back pain is to take a warm bath and let the stream of warm water fall with force in the region where you feel pain and do a self massage with a little cream or oil, with movements of moderate intensity, insisting more on the regions of greater pain.

Other options are getting a massage from a professional or sitting on a massage chair.

4. Take medication

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

If back pain is very intense, you can take a muscle relaxant, an analgesic or anti-inflammatory or put a Salonpas adhesive in the region, under proper medical guidance.

5. Rest in a comfortable position

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

At bedtime, you should lie on your side or on with your stomach upwards, with your head propped up on a not too fluffy pillow for at least 8 hours. Ideally, you should place another pillow under your knees if you are lying on your stomach or between your knees if you lying on your side.

6. Maintain a healthy weight

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

One of the causes of back pain is being overweight, which overloads the joints. Therefore, following a detox diet can help to eliminate toxins and excess fluids, which can be a good strategy to start with, but it is important you do a reeducation diet because it confers long-term and long-lasting results.

7. Reduce stress and anxiety

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

Stress and anxiety can cause muscle tension, which often leads to a sore back. To relieve it, you can put 2 drops of lavender or macaque essential oil on the pillow, as they have soothing properties and favor sleep.

8. Stretching exercises

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

Do stretching exercises for your back, this can ease the pain and muscle tension. However, you should avoid doing too much exertion and exercises like bodybuilding or dancing.

9. Prevent falls

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

Particularly in the elderly, it is important that they use walking sticks if needed and avoid having carpets at home, to avoid falls, which can aggravate back pain.

10. Improve posture

10 Tips to eliminate back pain

Spending the day using a correct posture avoids back pain and also helps mitigate the pain when it has already settled.

If you follow these recommendations your back pain should become better, but if it becomes constant this can be a sign of muscle weakness and so practicing some kind of physical activity may be necessary.

Back pain can be caused by bad posture, so doing postural re-education sessions with a specialized physical therapist can be of great help.

How to avoid having back pain again

Some of the ways to prevent back pain from coming back are:

  1. Maintain a good sitting posture so that you can distribute body weight well;
  2. Practice exercises at least 3 times a week so that the muscles become strong and elongated;
  3. Lose weight if you are overweight to avoid overloading your spinal joints;
  4. Sleep with a low pillow;
  5. Do not carry too much weight, such as backpacks and heavy binders for more than 10 minutes a day;
  6. Avoid stress.

By following these guidelines, the chances of you developing back pain will be greatly diminished.

When to go to the doctor

It is recommended you go to the doctor if the back pain remains, even following the guidelines above. In the appointment, the doctor should be told all the symptoms you present, how long you have them and in what situations they intensify.

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