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3 tips to eliminate a black eye

A head trauma can cause a facial bruise, leaving the eye swollen and purple, besides being painful can be unaesthetic. So, to help reduce pain, swelling and purple coloration of the skin due to the bruise it is recommended you use ice because of it's medicinal properties, do a massage called lymphatic drainage and use salve for bruises, for example.

However, if the area is bloody, a medical evaluation is recommended, and if you have traces of dirt in the wound it is recommended you go to the emergency room so that the wound is correctly treated by a nurse. But if the region is clean and just swollen, sore and purple, the treatment can be done at home.

3 tips to eliminate a black eye

How to remove a black eye

1. Use cold or warm patches

The first step is to wash your face with a lot of cold water and soap to clean the skin. Next, apply ice water packs or an ice cube wrapped in a diaper, doing a gentle massage in the bruised area. It is necessary to wrap the ice cube in a diaper or another thin fabric, so as not to burn the skin. Use the ice until it melts and then put another. The maximum time you can use ice is 15 minutes, but this procedure can be performed several times a day at approximately 1 hour intervals.

After 48 hours the region should be less swollen and painful and the purple mark should be more yellowish, which means an improvement in the lesion. From this moment, it may be more appropriate to place warm patches in the area, leaving the affected eye to cool. Whenever it is cool, the swab should be changed to another that is warm. The total recommended time that you should use warm patches is approximately 20 minutes, twice a day.

2. Do a local massage

You can also do a small massage made with an ice pebble, but it may be helpful to do another type of massage called lymphatic drainage. This specific massage unclogs the lymphatic channels, reducing swelling and redness in a few minutes, but needs to be done properly to achieve your goals.

3. Apply an ointment for bruises

Ointments such as Hirudoid can be used to decrease the hematoma, but homemade options such as iced chamomile tea and arnica or aloe vera ointment are also good choices and can be easily found at pharmacies or natural product stores. To use these ointments you must follow the instructions that come in the package leaflet of each remedy.

This step-by-step can be performed for about 5 days but usually the swelling and the purple marks normally disappear within 4 days if you follow theses steps carefully

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