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3 tips for anemia treatment

To treat anemia it is necessary to increase the amount of hemoglobin in the bloodstream, which is the component of the blood that carries oxygen. To do so, it is important to increase the consumption of foods rich in iron and folic acid, as they help the body to produce more hemoglobin and red blood cells.

Below are 3 simple tips that can cure anemia and should be followed every day:

3 tips for anemia treatment

1. Eating iron-rich foods at all meals

Foods rich in iron are mainly meats, chicken, eggs, liver and some foods of plant origin, such as beets, parsley, beans and lentils. These foods should be included in all meals, and snacks such as sandwiches or tapioca with egg, cheese or shredded chicken, for example.

In addition, cooking food in an iron pot helps increase the amount of iron in these foods. 

2. Eating sour fruits at meals

The iron contained in foods of plant origin, such as beans and beets, is more difficult to be absorbed by the intestine, needing vitamin C to increase this rate of absorption by the body. Therefore, consuming sour fruits and fresh vegetables in meals, which are usually rich in vitamin C, helps fight anemia.

So good tips are to take lemon juice during meals or eat fruits like oranges, pineapple or cashew as dessert, and make juices rich in iron and vitamin C, such as beet juice with carrots and oranges.

3 tips for anemia treatment

3. Avoid consumption of foods that impair the absorption of iron

Alcohol, coffee, chocolate and beer should be avoided as they impair the body's absorption of iron. In addition, calcium-rich foods like milk and dairy products also decrease iron absorption and should be avoided during main meals such as lunch and dinner.

These care should be followed throughout the treatment for anemia and does not exclude the need for medication prescribed by the doctor, but is a natural way to supplement and enrich the diet.

Foods that help cure anemia

Foods to cure anemia should be rich in iron, as this is an essential element in the manufacture of hemoglobin in the blood. For this, it is necessary to eat the recommended amount of 8 mg daily for men and women over 50 years and 18 mg for women under 50 years.

There are many foods that can help achieve the recommended daily amount, some examples being:

FoodAmount of iron in 100gFoodAmount of iron in 100g
Meat, especially liver12 mgSausage3,1 mg
Whole egg2 a 4 mgRaisins1,9 mg
Barley bread6,5 mgAcai berry11,8 mg
Black beans, chickpeas and raw soybeans8,6 mg; 1,4 mg; 8,8 mgPrune3,5 mg

Canned spinach, watercress and fresh arugula

3,08 mg; 2,6 mg; 1,5 mgFig in syrup5,2 mg
Oysters and mussels5,8 mg; 6,0 mg


14,9 mg
Oats4,5 mgSyzygium fruit4,0 mg
Chestnuts5,0 mgRaspberry in syrup4,1 mg
Brown sugar candy4,2 mgAvocado1,0 mg
Cocoa powder2,7 mgTofu6,5 mg
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