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Swollen toenail: How to treat and medications

A swollen toenail usually occurs when your nail is ingrown, causing pain and redness. If not properly treated, it can become infected, accumulating pus on the affected finger.

The toenail can also become swollen if an object falls over the fingers, a bad habit of cutting your nail corners, the use of tight shoes and fungal or bacterial infections.

To treat a swollen toenail, you should cut the tip of your nail that is causing the inflammation with sterilized scissors, apply local analgesics to relieve pain, and in the most serious cases perform a surgery to extract the nail.

Swollen toenail: How to treat and medications

Medication for swollen toenail

The medication most indicated to relieve the symptoms caused by a swollen toenail is by applying creams or ointments with antibiotic and corticosteroid, use of oral antibiotics if necessary, and constant cleaning with antiseptic and healing solutions.

How to treat a swollen toenail

The basic care for a swollen toenail goes through the prevention of its occurrence and are the following:

  • Prevent fingernails from becoming ingrown: always cut them straight, never in the corners, always keeping the tips free;
  • Remove only the excess of the cuticle;
  • Avoid the use of tight shoes and tight in the front;
  • Use local emollients and anesthetics to reduce discomfort.

In more severe cases, with pus and spongy tissue in the region, it is preferable to seek a dermatologist so that the swollen tissues are removed properly without further complications. The procedures that can be performed are described below:

  • Elevate the corner of the nail with a spatula, away from the swollen skin with a cotton swab;
  • Cut the nail tip that is causing the inflammation by using sterilized scissors;
  • Drain the local swelling, when present;
  • Dressing with antibiotic-based creams;
  • Use of oral antibiotics, especially in cases of secondary infections.

To treat the swollen toenail more definitely, surgery can also be performed to destroy the nail matrix or to extract it completely, but only in the last case, because when the nail grows again, it can become ingrown again.

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