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Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium-rich foods are especially important for preventing muscle weakness and cramps during intense exercise. In addition, eating potassium-rich foods is a way to supplement hypertension treatment because it can help regulate blood pressure.

Potassium is mainly found in foods of plant origin such as fruits and vegetables and the appropriate amount of potassium intake for adults is 4700 mg a day, which is easily reached through diet.

Potassium Rich Foods

24 Potassium rich foods

The following table indicates the foods that contain the most potassium.

Cooked beet root leaves1/2 cup72 g654 mg27 calories
AvocadoHalf100 g602 mg162 calories
Skimmed yogurt1 cup245 g573 mg186 calories
Orange juice1 glass248 g484 mg159 calories
Banana1 piece118 g467 mg144 calories
Pumpkin seeds1/4 cup57 g457 mg327 calories
Canned tomato sauce1/2 cup123 g454 mg49 calories
Peanuts1/2 cup72 g453 mg415 calories
Skimmed milk1 glass245 g407 mg88 calories
Cooked lentils1/2 cup99 g365 mg127 calories
Papaya1 cup140 g360 mg95 calories
Cooked peas1/2 cup98 g355 mg69 calories
Grape juice1 glass253 g334 mg156 calories
Cooked beets 1/2 cup100 g332 mg76 calories
Cooked beef1 piece100 g323 mg207 calories
Potato puree1/2 cup105 g303 mg124 calories
Raw sardines1 piece100 g297 mg124 calories
Zucchini1/2 cup123 g252 mg49 calories
Raw carrots1 piece72 g232 mg36 calories
Pear1 piece166 g207 mg105 calories
Fresh chopped tomato1/2 cup90 g200 mg18 calories
Tofu1/2 cup124 g150 mg94 calories
Cheese from Minas1 piece100 g153 mg373,5 calories
Dried coconut (20g) or fresh coconut1/4 cup33 g110 mg208 calories

Lack of potassium technically called hypokalemia can lead to loss of appetite, cramps, muscle paralysis or confusion. Although rare, it can occur in athletes who sweat a lot, in case of vomiting, diarrhea, when diuretics are used or with regular intake of some high blood pressure medications.

Excess potassium is also rare, but it can happen especially when taking some hypertension medication, which can cause arrhythmias.

Potassium Rich Foods

How to follow a low potassium diet

To reduce potassium consumption it is recommended to avoid all foods in the table above, such as avocado, bananas and beef, while taking care to reduce potassium from other foods.

How to lower potassium in food

To decrease the potassium of the food, the following steps must be followed:

  • Peel and cut the food into thin slices and then rinse;
  • To put the food in a pan almost full of water and to soak for 2 hours;
  • Drain, rinse and drain food again;
  • Refill the pan with water and let the food cook;
  • Once cooked, drain the food and throw the water away.

If you do not want to cook the food, you can prepare more and store it in the refrigerator freezer until you need it.

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