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How to take Maca root and it's uses

The Peruvian Maca, or just Maca root, is a tuber of the turnip cabbage and cress family that has important medicinal properties, being used traditionally to increase your vitality and libido, being therefore known as a natural energizer.

The scientific name of this medicinal plant is Lepidium meyenii and can be known in other places as Ginseng-dos-Andes or Viagra-dos-Incas. Maca root is still considered a superfood because it is rich in essential fiber and fats, nourishing the body and contributing to increased energy and physical vigor.

Maca root is relatively easy to find, and can be purchased at health food stores in the form of capsules or powders, which can be mixed into vitamins or fruit juices, for example.

How to take Maca root and it's uses

Benefits of Peruvian Maca

The Peruvian Maca traditionally can be used for several purposes, however, the effects with proven scientific effect are:

  • Increase libido;
  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Decrease feelings of depression;
  • Optimize hormone production;
  • Increase the frequency of erections;
  • Increase the sense of well-being;
  • Decrease the symptoms of menopause.

Because of these effects, Maca root is useful for optimizing the unregulated menstrual cycle, reducing fertility problems, improving hormonal disorders, reducing fatigue and weakness, as well as treating problems of concentration or lack of energy, stress and increase sexual desire. See other strategies on how to increase your sexual desire.

In addition, Maca root can also be used as a supplement during weight loss processes because, despite not increasing the metabolism and the burning of fats, it favors energy levels, leaving the person more willing to exercise and follow the indicated diet by the nutritionist.

How to take it

The recommended daily dose of Maca root is approximately 3000 mg, divided into 3 doses, taken during meals up to a maximum of 4 months.

However, the dosage may vary according to the type of treatment or the problem to be treated. That way, it is always best to consult a nutritionist or a naturopath before using Maca root capsules.

Maca root can also be consumed as a food, in the form of root or powder, and should be added in the preparation of dishes or drinks, for example, in the proportion of 2 to 3 teaspoons

Energizing vitamin with Maca root and mango

How to take Maca root and it's uses

A vitamin prepared using Peruvian Maca root and mango is a great food supplement, which helps decrease fatigue and weakness, as well as improves your ability to concentrate and reason.


  • 2 teaspoons dried Peruvian Maca root;
  • 2 mangos cut into pieces;
  • 2 teaspoons of linseed;
  • 2 teaspoons of coconut oil;
  • Juice of 1 lemon;
  • 4 fresh peppermint leaves.

Preparation method

Put all the ingredients and a little mineral water in the blender and beat until obtaining a homogeneous mixture. If necessary add water to dilute the juice a little more. This vitamin yields 2 glasses.

Possible side effects

This food is usually well tolerated and therefore no side effects are described. However, some people may be allergic to maca, so it is important to try a small dose before, under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist.

Who should not consume Peruvian maca root

In most people, Peruvian Maca is well tolerated, being widely consumed in the regions of South America, but for safety reasons should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

In addition, although there is no consensus on the effect of Maca root on hormone. Maca root should also be avoided without guidance in children or in people with a history of some type of estrogen-dependent disease or cancer such as breast cancer or uterus.

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