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Medication for spinal pain

The medication for spinal pain should be prescribed by a doctor and the aim is to decrease inflammation and relax the muscles of the back to relieve pain.

Spinal pain, also known as rachialgia, can be treated with medication, in the form of pills or injections, such as:

  • Analgesics: like Paracetamol, for example;
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs: like Diclofenac or Ibuprofen;
  • Muscle relaxants: like Chlorzoxazone, for example;
  • Combination of analgesics and muscle relaxants: like Baclofen.

These medications can be used to treat pain in the lumbar, cervical or dorsal spine and the dose should be indicated by your doctor according to the cause of your spinal pain.

Medication for spinal pain

Homemade remedy for spinal pain

An excellent home remedy for spinal pain is to put a warm patches with Billy goat weed, because the heat can relax the muscles and activate blood circulation, while this medicinal plant will help to relieve pain because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory proprieties.

To make the warm patches will Billy goat weed, simply boil 5 g of these dried leaves in 500 ml of water, let it soften, strain and then dip a gauze or cloth and put on your back place and let it act for about 20 minutes .

Drinking Billy goat weed tea is also a good option. To do this tea, simply use the same ingredients as the patch, but you should drink 1 cup of tea about 3 times a day.

Natural remedy for spinal pain

A great natural solution for spinal pain is ginger tea because of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasodilatory properties or a ginger patch to put on your back.

To make the tea, you should place about 3 cm of ginger root in 1 cup of water and let it boil for about 5 minutes. Then you should strain, let it cool down and drink up to 3 times a day. To make the ginger patch, just grate the same amount of ginger and apply on the back region, covering with a gauze, for 20 minutes.

Tips to alleviate spinal pain

Other tips for relieving spinal pain include:

  • Lying on your back with your legs stretched out, slightly raised, without a pillow and with your arms extended along your body;
  • Take a hot bath, letting the water fall on the region you feel pain;
  • Get a back massage with a moisturizing body oil.

These measures may be sufficient to treat spinal pain or may be a complement to the treatment with the medication prescribed by your physician.

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