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How to lose weight with a lemon diet

Lemon juice is a great for losing weight because it detoxifies the body, disinfects and increases the feeling of satiety. It also helps clean the palate, taking away the desire to eat sweet foods that fatten or damage the diet. To have these benefits, simply use one of the following options:

  1. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and drink half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  2. Slice 1 lemon and place in the water bottle and drink along the day.

All varieties of lemon can be used, this fruit also has properties that help strengthen the immune system, protects the body from diseases like colds and flu and prevents premature aging and alkalizes the blood, which makes it an excellent antioxidant.

How to lose weight with a lemon diet

With the lemon diet, you can lose 2 to 8 kg a month, especially when associated with a diet for losing weight and physical exercises. Use our calculator to find out how much weight you need to lose:

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How to do the Lemon Diet when you wake

The correct way to use lemon for weight loss is to squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and drink straight away without adding sugar. You should do this right after waking up, about 30 minutes before breakfast, using warm water. This mixture will help clear the gut, eliminating excess fat and mucus that builds up in this organ.

Lemon can also be taken before main meals, but with ice water. The cold water causes the body to spend more energy to warm it up, burning more calories, which also helps to lose weight. Another option is to add ginger shavings to the juice as this root also has properties that help weight loss.

Also see some slimming tea options, such as ginger tea, that can be used during the day to complete the lemon water effect.

Benefits of Lemon Juice (when you wake)

In addition to helping you lose weight, the benefits of lemon are:

  • Strengthens the immune system and protects the body against colds and flu;
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the body;
  • Avoids diseases such as cancer and premature aging;
  • Reduces body acidity by improving the body's metabolism.

All lemon varieties bring these benefits, and can also be used to season salads, meats and fish, which helps increase the consumption of this fruit. See other fruits that can be used to help lose weight.


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