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15 day diet: lose weight in a fast and healthy way

This diet allows rapid weight loss in 15 days, being able to lose about 5 kg in just two weeks without much sacrifice.

However, the greater the weight you have to lose the greater the weight loss should be, so normally the first few weeks of dieting is when you lose the most weight.

Complete menu for fast weight loss

The following table gives a 3-day example of a diet menu for weight loss.

MealDay 1Day 2Day 3
Breakfast240 ml de skimmed milk + omelet with an egg and tomatoUnsweetened fruit vitamin + 1 tablespoon chia seeds 

Skimmed yogurt + 1 tablespoon flaxseed + 2 slices of roasted cheese with lettuce and tomato

Morning Snack1 apple + 3 chestnuts2 slices cheese and ham + 1 glass of gelatin1 pear + 3 peanuts

150 g of fish fillet + 2 tablespoons of chickpeas + cooked salad + 2 slices of pineapple

150 g chicken breast + 2 tablespoons beans + raw braised salad + 1 orange

Vegetable soup with quinoa + 1 boiled egg + 1 slice of melon

Afternoon Snack1 skim yogurt + 1 tablespoon flaxseed2 slices of watermelon + 3 chestnuts1 cup sugar-free tea + vegetable omelet

Diets that promise quick results should be done for a limited time and any diet should be done under the supervision of the nutritionist, especially if the person has some kind of illness such as diabetes and hypertension.

3 Simple rules for this diet to work

  1. Foods allowed: lean meats, fish, eggs, seafood, milk and skimmed products, seeds, chestnuts, vegetables, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Forbidden foods: sugar, potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, flour, mayonnaise, butter, oil, olive oil, banana, grape, avocado and processed meats like sausage, bacon and ham.
  3. Detox before starting the diet, it improves the results.

This diet can be enhanced with weight loss teas, such as lemon, ginger or green tea, which help reduce swelling and fluid retention, decreasing appetite and speeding up metabolism rate.

Medications to help you lose weight, such as sibutramine or orlistat, are an option, especially when obesity puts your health at risk, but should only be taken with an gastroenterologist or endocrinologist advice, otherwise when the medication ends, it is very possible that you put on weight again.

Weight Loss Exercises

To complement this diet it is also recommended to burn more calories than you consume, and to do so, these exercises are a great help. The best ones are:

  • Warm Up 

The best exercises to lose weight are aerobics, such as fast walking, running, cycling, rowing or swimming. This type of physical activity burns many calories in a short time, being ideal for burning accumulated fat, in addition to improving heart strength and respiratory capacity. They should be performed for at least 20 minutes a day.

  • Localized

Buttock exercises help increase muscle mass, allowing you to fight cellulite and improve self-esteem. But these exercises are also important because when the glute muscles are weak there can be back, knee and hip pain.

For the best results, exercise should be done every other day, and the diet should be rich in protein foods such as white meat, yogurt, and egg white omelette because they favor muscle building. More examples in: High protein foods.

Two glute exercises, which can be done at home, and within minutes, are:

15 day diet: lose weight in a fast and healthy way
15 day diet: lose weight in a fast and healthy way

Ex. 1: In the 4-position, with your elbows resting on the floor, raise one leg above the line of the hip, as shown in the second image. The leg elevation is about 10 centimeters and you do not need to support the knee on the floor. Do 8 elevations and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 2 more times.

Ex 2: Lying with your belly upwards and your hands along the body, raise your hips off the floor as shown in the first image. Raise the hip off the floor 8 times in a row and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the same exercise 2 more times.

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