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Lip Herpes: symptoms and treatment

Cold sores cause blisters or mouth sores, which usually appear slightly below the lip, and cause itching and pain in the region where it arises.

Cold sores are a highly contagious disease that are caught by direct contact with blisters or sores with liquid, as it may happen during a kiss, or by using of objects used by another person who has herpes such as a glass, cutlery or towel by example.

Lip Herpes: symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of oral herpes

The main symptoms of oral herpes are:

  • Lip wound;
  • Sensitive blisters;
  • Mouth pain;
  • Redness and itching in the corner of the mouth.

It is possible to predict when your going to have a herpes crisis before the blisters appear because there are symptoms that appear beforehand. These symptoms are tingling sensation, itching, redness and discomfort on the lips.

Causes for lip herpes

The causes for lip herpes varies from person to person, however the main ones are:

  • Weak or low immune system, as what happens during a flu for example;
  • Stress;
  • Diseases of the immune system such as HIV or lupus;
  • During treatment with antibiotics;
  • Excessive sun exposure;
  • Sharing of personal use objects.

After the herpes virus enters the body, it can remain inactive for months or even years, causing no symptoms, until the day the first itching and painful sensation on the lip appears. However, it is not yet known why the herpes virus manifests itself or not, since it depends on person to person.

How to treat cold sores

Treatment of cold sores can be done using antiviral medication like Aciclovir or Valaciclovir, which can be used in ointment or pill form, which help decrease virus replication in the body and heal blisters and wounds.

The treatment should be done for approximately 10 days, which is the time that blisters or wounds can take to heal.

What to do to avoid catching lip herpes

To avoid catching lip herpes, it is important to refrain from:

  • Kissing strangers or people with sores in the corner of the mouth;
  • Using other people's objects such as cutlery, glasses or towels;
  • Lending lipstick;
  • Eat or taste other people's food such as popsicle, lollipop or ice cream for example.
  • Use soap from public spaces or from someone infected with the virus.

These are just a few rules to follow to avoid getting cold sore. If you want to prevent catching cold sores you must avoid all contact with everything you do not know by whom it was used or if has come into contact with the mouth or hands of someone who is infected with the virus. Although the virus does not transmit by touch, your hand passing on a cold sore may be enough to carry and then transmit the virus.

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