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Is it possible to ovulate taking the birth control pill

If you take the birth control pill, every day, always at the same time, you do not have fertile days, and therefore you do not ovulate, decreasing the chance of becoming pregnant because there is no mature ovum and so fertilization can not occur. This is the case for contraceptives of 21, 24 or 28 days, and also in the contraceptive implant.

Oral contraceptives inhibit ovulation, but also alter the uterine endometrium and cervical mucus, enhancing pregnancy prevention. However, if a woman misses a pill, especially in the first week of the package, there is a chance of getting pregnant because she can ovulate and release an egg which can be fertilized by the sperm, because sperm can survive inside the woman for 5 to 7 days.

Is it possible to ovulate taking the birth control pill

See how to use birth control correctly so as to avoid an unwanted pregnancy: How to use contraceptive methods correctly.

Is it possible to get pregnant taking birth control?

Although it is a very effective contraceptive method, women can get pregnant taking it, if:

  1. You forgot to take the pill every day at the same time each day. There are greater chances of getting pregnant, if the pill you forgot to take belongs to the first week of the package.
  2. You are taking medication that will decrease the efficacy of the pill, such as antibiotics, immunosuppressants and anticonvulsant drugs, for example, because they cut the effect of the pill. See some examples in: medications that can cut the effect of the birth control pill.
  3. You are vomiting or have diarrhea up to 2 hours after taking the pill.

In the cases mentioned above, pregnancy is possible because you can ovulate and, when you have intimate contact the ovum may be fertilized.

Moreover the pill has 1% of failure rate and so it is possible to get pregnant even taking the contraceptive pill correctly every month, but this does not happen often.

How is your menstrual cycle if you take birth control

The period that comes every month for those who take the birth control pill, does not refer to the "nest" prepared by the body to receive a baby, but rather the result of hormonal deprivation during the interval between one package and another.

This false period tends to cause less cramps and lasts less days, and thanks to the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill, one can have sexual intercourse every day of the month, even during the days of pause between one pack and another, without the risk of getting pregnancy, as long as the pill is used correctly.

Anyone who takes the birth control pill correctly may notice some change in the days before their period, such as sore breasts, increased irritability and body swelling, which are known as premenstrual tension symptoms- PMS, but these symptoms are milder than if you did not take the contraceptive pill.

Taking the contraceptive correctly does not exclude the need to use condoms during intercourse because only the condom protects you against sexually transmitted diseases.

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