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Ideal boy's weight for each age

The boy's ideal weight varies with age and should be checked on a monthly basis up to 12 months, since a very low or very high weight may impair the boy's growth.

The ideal weight of a boy varies with his diet, activity and even with his own genetics and, can vary between two values, the minimum acceptable not to be very thin and the maximum so that he is not overweight, since both situations can cause health problems such as mental retardation or heart disease.

To know the relationship between weight and height of a boy from the age of 2, use the following calculator:

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Attention: Before this age the ideal weight of a boy or girl should be indicated by the pediatrician taking into consideration the table that is in the baby's book.

Boy's Weight-for-Age Chart

This table presents the age-appropriate values of a boy according to the World Health Organization, however, the most important thing is that the boy does not increase or decrease very rapidly in weight, increasing slowly with age.

1 month3,8  - 5 Kg7 months7,4 - 9,2 Kg1 year and a half9,8 -12, 2 Kg
2 months4,8 - 6,4 Kg8 months7,6 - 9,6 Kg2 years10,8 - 13,6 Kg
3 months5,6 - 7,2 Kg9 months8  - 10 Kg3 years12,8 - 16,2 Kg
4 months6,2 - 7,8 Kg10 months8,2 - 10,2 Kg4 years14,4 - 18,8 Kg
5 months6,6 - 8,4 Kg11 months8,4 - 10,6 Kg5 years16 - 21,2 Kg
6 months7 - 8,8 Kg1 year8,6 - 10,8 Kg+ 5 years> 16 Kg

Boy's growth weight-age chart

Generally, the percentile curve of the boy's weight for age is used by the pediatrician to check the evolution of the boy's weight as he grows up, and more importantly, if the boy maintains weight throughout the same percentile. For example, a boy who is born with a birth weight of 50 should remain in the 50 th percentile while growing older.

In addition, to know the ideal weight of the boy after the age of five you should see other charts or percentile curves because beyond this age the height of the boy will also influence the proper weight.


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