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How to recover from a fracture faster

To recover totally from a fracture ir can take between 20 days to 6 months or longer, depending on the individual's age and capacity to recover. Children usually recover from a fracture in less than 2 months and the elderly can take up to a year to fully recover, especially if the fracture is in the femur, for example.

The time it takes to recover varies according to the type of fracture because exposed or comminuted fractures take longer to heal completely and the younger you are the greater is your ability to recovery and for bone remodeling. Prolonged immobilization in the elderly can aggravate osteoporosis, however, it is critical to maintain a cast so that the bone may consolidate itself.

The recovery time in people who consume alcohol in an exaggerated and constant way can take longer because ethanol is toxic and negatively affects the bones reducing the proliferation of cells, the synthesis of proteins and the activity of alkaline phosphatase that are fundamental for bone health.

How to recover from a fracture faster

Tips to recover from a bone fracture faster

To recover from a fracture faster it is advised you follow some practical advice, such as:

  • To recover from a fracture faster it is recommended you follow some practical advice, such as:
  • Remain with the cast during the time recommended by your doctor, avoiding unnecessary exertions, however, it is not advised absolute rest;
  • Increase the consumption of foods rich in calcium because this promotes bone healing. Some examples are: milk, dairy products, avocados and broccoli;
  • Increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, such as: orange, lemon, acerola and pineapple because they help in tissue regeneration. See more in: Foods rich in Vitamin C.
  • Take a collagen hydrolyzed supplement, under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist. This supplement ensures faster formation of the cartilaginous tissues, being especially suitable for fractures near the joints or involving joints;
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the bone immobilization phase;
  • Invest in foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as garlic, onion, tuna and salmon.
  • Keep your glucose levels controlled and avoid sweet foods, because the more sugar in the blood, the worse the healing process.

Following these recommendations is important to ensure perfect bone healing and regeneration of injured tissues.

How to recover muscle movements and strength after a fracture

To recover muscle movements and strength after a period of immobilization, it is recommended you do physiotherapy. An immobilized joint tends to become very rigid and to recover its movement it is recommended you perform exercises of joint mobilization and strengthening exercises are fundamental for a complete recovery.

To complement the physiotherapeutic treatment at home it can be useful to:

  • Place the affected region in a bowl of warm water and perform some exercises while still in the water may help because the warm water will lessen the pain and the movements will be more easily accomplished;
  • Keep moving your fingers several times a day when your arm, hand or leg is immobilized;
  • Rest with the membered cast in a higher position because this prevents swelling, accelerating recovery.

To achieve complete fracture recovery it is important to have real expectations and to move forward slowly. It is very rare for you to be able to perform the movements with the joint that was immobilized for more than 30 days straight away, it can take up to 4 or 5 days to recover mobility in that joint. So keep in mind that the movements over time may return to normal.


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