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How to Make Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

It is normal that in the first months of life, the baby may take longer to sleep or not sleep all night, which can be exhausting for the parents. The number of hours that the baby should sleep depends on his age and its growth, it is recommended that the baby sleeps between 16 and 20 hours a day, however, can wake up several times during the night to suck or due to cramps, which is normal until 4 months.

In order to get the baby to sleep through the night, it is important to create a sleep routine, playing and opening the curtains when it is day and talking quietly when it is night, besides giving a warm bath and lull the baby to calm him down. According to pediatricians, the baby can start sleeping alone at around 8 months, but this should happen gradually.

How to Make Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

To make the baby sleep all night, you need to follow some guidelines, such as:

  1. Put the baby to sleep as soon as they are yawning, because it means that they are sleepy;
  2. Cradle the baby, with a weak light or the lights turned off and sing softly to him;
  3. Try to calm the baby with a warm bath a few hours before he goes to sleep and avoid very strong lights or the television;
  4. Avoid putting the baby to sleep soon after feeding him, because on an empty stomach or too full the task becomes more difficult;
  5. Create a sleep routine, following the same times every day, including the weekends;
  6. Use the crib only for him to sleep, so he will associate that this is not a place to play;
  7. Leave at least one teddy bear nearby, so if he wakes up at night, he will be more comforted. However, this is only suitable for infants older than 6 months, as small infants can suffocate;
  8. Ensure baby's comfort by checking that the outfit does not hurt, see if the covers are enough or if it is not too cold or too hot in the baby's room;
  9. Avoid making noise when the baby is sleeping, so as not to wake him or her.

Although these tips are very useful and can help many parents, some babies can not sleep through the night without an apparent cause, but usually up to the age of 3, this situation is resolved.

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