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How to Help Your Baby Sit Alone

A baby usually begins to try to sit around 4 months, but only learns how to sit still without support when he is about 6 months old.

However, parents can do exercises and use strategies with their baby, that can help strengthen the muscles of the back and belly, helping the baby to sit down faster.

How to Help Your Baby Sit Alone

Games that can help the baby sit alone

Some games that can help your baby sit alone are:

1. Swinging the baby

With the baby sitting on your lap, facing forward, you should rock him back and forth, holding them well. This allows the baby to exercise and strengthen his back muscles that are essential to keep the baby sitting without support.

2. Sit the baby with multiple cushions

Place the baby sitting with several pillows around them, to help the baby learn to stay in a sitting position.

3. Put a toy on the bottom of the crib

When the baby is standing in the crib, you can place a toy, preferably, that he likes very much, in the bottom of the crib so that he has to sit down to get it.

4. Pull the baby until he is seated

With the baby lying on with his belly up, grasp his hands and pull him until he is seated. After sitting for about 10 seconds, lay them down again and then repeat. This exercise can help to strengthen the baby's belly and back muscles.

After the baby is able to sit without support, it is important to leave him sitting on the floor, on a rug or pillow, and to remove any object with which he can get hurt himself or swallow.

How to Avoid Accidents While Baby's don't sit without Support

At this stage, the baby still does not have a lot of strength in his trunk and so can fall forward, back and to the sides, being able to hit his head or get hurt and so they should not be left alone.

A good strategy is to buy a pool buoy that is appropriate for the size of the baby to put around your waist. Therefore, if he becomes unbalanced, the buoy will cushion the fall. However, it can not replace the presence of the parents because it does not protect the child's head.

You should be careful with furniture corners because they can cause cuts. There are some fittings that can be purchased at children's stores but cushions can also be useful.

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