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7 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis Symptoms Fast

Sinusitis can happen several times throughout life due to different causes, such as infection by influenza virus or allergies, for example, leading to the appearance of very uncomfortable symptoms such as headache and pain in the face, nasal congestion and fever above 38º C, for example.

In order to cure each sinus episode, you must eliminate what is causing the inflammation and follow some simple tips to relieve the symptoms and facilitate the healing of each crisis, for example:

1. Humidify the air

7 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis Symptoms Fast

Using a humidifier or simply placing a bucket of warm water inside the rooms of the house is a great way to humidify the air, making it less dry. This makes the airways more hydrated and less irritated, relieving discomfort and facilitating healing.

This tip is especially useful at night to facilitate sleep and avoid waking up with a stuffy nose, for example.

2. Use saline solution to clean your nose

7 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis Symptoms Fast

Putting a few drops of saline solution into each nostril helps to eliminate dirt and accumulation of secretions, as it thins the phlegm, making it easier to remove. Ideally you should not inhale the serum, but blow your nose soon after.

3. Use homemade saline solution

7 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis Symptoms Fast

Adding 1 tablespoon of salt to a glass of filtered or mineral water and applying this mixture inside the nose is also a home-made way to end sinus discomfort. You can place this mixture in a syringe and forcefully sneeze into your nose, keeping your mouth open. Therefore it is possible to remove a good amount of phlegm and impurities leaving the nose unclogged.

4. Inhale herb vapors

7 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis Symptoms Fast

Placing some leaves and flowers of chamomile or Luffa operculata in a bowl of warm water is also a great way to relieve nasal congestion caused by sinusitis. The following can even be put on a warm damp cloth on the face, because this will also help improve breathing faster.

5. Drink more water

A natural way to moisturize the sinuses, being a great help in case of dry sinusitis is to consume more liquids, especially water or teas without sugar. All body tissues become more hydrated, including the nasal mucus.

6. Eat warm meals

Soups and broths are good options for lunch and dinner while sinusitis symptoms are present. These dishes help clear the nose and reduce the pain and irritation of the nasal mucus.

7 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis Symptoms Fast

7. Get enough rest

In the event of a sinusitis crisis, it is recommended to rest if possible, or at least get adequate rest. Sleeping late and waking up always tired may indicate that you are not resting enough.

During the treatment is indicated to avoid efforts and to do physical activity with very intense training. A 20 minute walk can be good if they are performed in an airy, leafy location, but if your sinusitis is caused by allergies, this may not be a good option, and staying at home may be a better choice.

7 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis Symptoms Fast

When to take medication

Medications such as nasal decongestant or antihistamine may be indicated when sinusitis can not be controlled with home methods for 7 to 10 days.

The doctor may also recommend the use of corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics to use for 5 to 7 days, depending on the need, and if there are other symptoms such as fever, or if the person has asthma or some other respiratory illness that may aggravate due to to sinusitis.

What can cause chronic sinusitis

Although in most cases the sinusitis is cured after treatment and takes a long time to reappear, there are people who suffering from chronic sinusitis, which arises several times throughout the year and whose symptoms stay the longest. Generally, this type of sinusitis is caused by reasons that are not easy to eliminate and are therefore constantly irritating the sinuses and causing the problem to arise.

The main causes of chronic sinusitis are:

  • Respiratory allergies, such as allergy to animal hair or dust;
  • Cigarette smoke;
  • Autoimmune diseases that weaken the immune system.

In addition, some people may have nasal polyps or other anatomical problems that facilitate the development of sinusitis. In these cases, the doctor may recommend surgery to resolve the problem, which ends up healing the problem. However, this surgery does not prevent the sinusitis from recurring due to other cases, such as allergies or influenza virus infection, for example. See how to identify and treat chronic sinusitis.

How to treat chronic sinusitis

In the vast majority of cases of chronic sinusitis, in addition to medication, the treatment should also involve changes in lifestyle to try to avoid what may be causing sinus inflammation. Some of these changes include quitting smoking, avoiding being in polluted places, and keeping the house always clean and free of dust.

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