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How to calculate your most fertile days after your period

In women who have a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, her most fertile days begin on the 11th day after her period and lasts until the 17th day, and so these are the best days to get pregnant.

For example, if your period came on day 10, your most fertile days after your period will be between the 20th and 26th, and the most fertile day will be the 23rd, as it is the middle date of the fertile period.

How to calculate your fertile days after your period

Put your data in the following calculator and find out when is your next fertile period, so you can increase your chances of getting pregnant:

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How to calculate your fertile days if you have an irregular menstrual cycle

If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, for example your period comes 2-3 times a month, or with an interval longer than 30 days, one should calculate the period taking into account the last 6 months of the cycle. The woman should identify which were the shortest and longest cycles

For example:

  • If your shortest cycle of the last 6 months was 27 days: 27 - 18 = 9
  • If your longest cycle of the last 6 months was 31 days: 31 - 11 = 20

In this case, your fertile period should be between days 9 and 20 of the month.

When is the most fertile days in a woman taking birth control pill

If you are taking birth control correctly you have no fertile period and so you can not become pregnant. However, if you forget to take the pill, and have sex without a condom or other contraceptive methods there is a possibility of getting pregnant.

Signs that indicate your fertile days

Getting to know your body signs is important to help you discover your most fertile days and this is particularly important for women who have an irregular menstrual cycle. The signs and symptoms of your fertile period are:

  • Vaginal mucus similar to egg white, more than usual, clear and not very thick;
  • Small increase in body temperature. If your normal temperature is 36ºC, in your fertile period it can reach 36.5ºC, for example;
  • Increased sexual appetite;
  • There may be some discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Those who wish to get pregnant should have intercourse on the days when these symptoms are present because the chances of becoming pregnant increase.

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